The Atrium House by Studio Saxe

Located in Nosara, Costa Rica, The Atrium House designed by Studio Saxe is poised elegantly on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean on one side and amazing mountain views on the other.

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The Atrium House by Studio Saxe - 2
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About The Atrium House

Embracing Eco-Conscious Living with Andaluz and Studio Saxe

Eco-conscious family business Andaluz collaborates with Studio Saxe to create life-changing experiences through architectural designs that harness the power of the environment.

Blending Comfort and Connection with Nature

The Andaluz brand focuses on providing meaningful, authentic experiences that seamlessly integrate comfortable human habitation and deep connections with the surrounding landscape. The designers carefully placed a series of homes around existing trees on a hilltop, offering stunning ocean and jungle views while ensuring a sense of comfort and security for the residents.

Innovative Design for Energy Efficiency and Privacy

The homes feature a unique vertical atrium that connects all floors and promotes passive cooling, ensuring comfort with minimal energy consumption. The main living space on the top floor floats above the tree line, offering privacy and an intimate connection to the views. On the ground floor, residents can enjoy a second social area complete with an integrated pool, surrounding palms, and a BBQ area, perfect for gatherings.

Longevity through Quality Construction and Materials

Andaluz is renowned for their durable, long-lasting construction methods and high-quality materials. These factors blend seamlessly to enhance the residents’ experience and promote longevity, focusing on low maintenance and a high level of comfort.

Sustainability and Bioclimatic Design

Every home showcases a high level of bioclimatic design, incorporating an understanding of natural phenomena such as wind, sun, and geological aspects. This knowledge allows for the protection and integration of the homes where necessary, while also providing the ability to open up or close off spaces to create comfort without relying on energy consumption. Both Studio Saxe and Andaluz believe that beauty and experience are intrinsic forms of sustainability that enhance the human experience and stand the test of time.

Photography courtesy of Studio Saxe

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- by Matt Watts