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Pasha: Sustainable Luxury on Costa Rica’s Pristine Coast

FeaturedLuxurious tropical villa with thatched roof, infinity pool, and lush vegetation.

Situated on the breathtaking coastline of Costa Rica, Pasha emerges as a beachfront sanctuary that blends modern elegance with the untamed beauty of its natural surroundings. Crafted by the visionary design team at Studio Saxe, this hotel project invites guests to immerse themselves in a symphony of architecture and nature, offering a transformative retreat unlike any other.

Pergola House: Ocean-View Modern Living by Studio Saxe

A modern, open-concept resort with a lush, tropical garden and a covered outdoor living area.

Pergola House, designed by Studio Saxe in 2022 in Playa Grande, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, exemplifies remarkable architectural synthesis. This house uniquely merges indoor and outdoor environments under cohesive, elegant pergola structures. Enhancing these connections are advanced sustainable features, like solar energy usage and natural ventilation, embodying modern design while respecting its lush, coastal setting.

Casa con Vista: A Contemporary Tropical Retreat in Nosara

FeaturedCasa con Vista: A Contemporary Tropical Retreat in Nosara

In the picturesque town of Nosara, Costa Rica, Studio Saxe unveils Casa con Vista, a stunning two-story contemporary tropical home. Designed in 2023, this masterpiece captures the allure of the tropics with its modern, simple design.

It frames mesmerizing ocean views while fostering a profound connection with nature, fulfilling the owners’ desire for a warm sanctuary from North America’s colder climes.

Casa Azúcar: A Contemporary Tropical Getaway

Casa Azúcar: A Contemporary Tropical Getaway

Nestled in the heart of the blue zone community of Nosara, Costa Rica, Casa Azúcar by Studio Saxe offers an oasis that blends indoors and outdoors for the perfect getaway.

Designed in 2022, the contemporary tropical house is the perfect combination of respecting the existing trees and a natural creek, providing warmth and comfort within nature. The house is designed like a habitable garden pavilion, carefully choreographed to enter the back of the house towards the creek and the wildlife that spawns from there. The interior design is light and soft, creating a modern beach-like feel, and bioclimatic passive design is used for sustainability.

Raintree House by Studio Saxe

FeaturedRaintree House by Studio Saxe

Raintree House, a rental property located in Nosara, Costa Rica, is a one-of-a-kind example of contemporary design. Designed by Studio Saxe in 2022, the sanctuary was crafted with natural local materials and offers a unique experience of blending the architecture with its jungle surroundings.

With ocean views and a focus on well-being, the house offers a framed view of the ocean and sunset, as well as moments of contemplation that balance the roughness of nature with the benefits of modern comfort. Using bioclimatic principles, solar panels, and recycled water, Raintree House is a sustainable design that is both rooted in the past and looking to the future.

Caribbean Courtyard Villa by Studio Saxe

Caribbean Courtyard Villa by Studio Saxe

Let the Caribbean breeze and lush jungle of Puerto Viejo, Limon whisk you away to paradise with Studio Saxe’s newest design – Caribbean Courtyard Villa. This stunning hotel was designed in 2021 with a modern tropical style that is both visually appealing and eco-friendly.

The villa consists of pavilions joined through a woven network of pergolas which blend into the surrounding environment for an immersive experience. Each room has been enclosed by walls and glass while respecting existing trees as they were placed around the property stepping down from topography gently with architecture.