Pasha: Sustainable Luxury on Costa Rica’s Pristine Coast

Situated on the breathtaking coastline of Costa Rica, Pasha emerges as a beachfront sanctuary that blends modern elegance with the untamed beauty of its natural surroundings. Crafted by the visionary design team at Studio Saxe, this hotel project invites guests to immerse themselves in a symphony of architecture and nature, offering a transformative retreat unlike any other.

Luxurious tropical villa with thatched roof, infinity pool, and lush vegetation.
Expansive, open-air pavilion with vaulted wooden ceilings, lush tropical foliage, and a tranquil pool.
Spacious open-plan tropical-style living and dining area with wooden beams and furnishings.
Spacious open-concept living area with wooden beams, woven pendant lights, and tropical outdoor scene.
Rustic wooden beamed ceiling, rattan furnishings, outdoor living space, pool.
Expansive open-plan living area with a tropical, outdoor-inspired design aesthetic.
Spacious bedroom with high wooden ceiling, large windows, and decorative pool view.
Spacious, light-filled bedroom with high-pitched wooden ceiling, large windows, and modern decor.
Luxurious tropical villa with open-air pavilion, pool, and lush landscaping.
A modern, open-concept villa with a large pool, lush landscaping, and a spacious outdoor living area.

About Pasha

Architectural Embrace: Pasha, Costa Rica’s Coastal Sanctuary

Nestled along the breathtaking shores of Costa Rica, Pasha emerges as a beachfront haven. Furthermore, it marries modern comforts with the untouched beauty of its coastal surroundings. Additionally, our international clients commissioned us to transform a pristine estate into a collection of residences designed for communal living and private retreats.

Harmonizing Nature and Architecture

Pasha is conceptualized as an architectural embrace between the lush natural environment and the azure of the ocean. Moreover, a constellation of smaller homes encircles a grand villa. Additionally, each structure is designed to vanish into the landscape while offering unobstructed views and direct engagement with the sea’s elemental power.

Sustainable Luxury, Crafted with Care

Studio Saxe’s vision materialized through a blend of enduring materials and locally sourced sustainable teak wood. Furthermore, they crafted expansive terraces crowned with sugarcane ceilings. Additionally, this design ethos fosters a profound connection with nature, inviting the outdoors in.

Ecological Sensitivity, Architectural Precision

By elevating the structures, we are able to protect them from the coastal elements and minimize environmental impact. Furthermore, the design incorporates extended rooflines and strategic vegetation to shield interiors from the tropical sun while facilitating natural cooling. Additionally, this innovative strategy showcases a high level of detail and craftsmanship.

A Luxury Retreat, a Catalyst for Change

Pasha stands as a beacon of sustainable luxury, spanning across 40,000 square meters (430,556 square feet) of Costa Rican coastline. Furthermore, our commitment to the environment and the community is woven into every aspect of Pasha. Additionally, our hope is that Pasha not only serves as a luxurious retreat but also as a catalyst for positive change, nurturing the Pura Vida spirit and inspiring a legacy of conservation and community empowerment.

Photography courtesy of Studio Saxe
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- by Matt Watts