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Tiers am Rosengarten: A Masterpiece of Naturalness in Tiers

Rustic cabin interior with vaulted wooden ceiling, cozy fireplace, and modern kitchen.

Designed by G22 Projects, the Tiers am Rosengarten House in Tiers, Italy, is a private apartment that showcases the beauty of natural materials. This 2023 project features a masterful use of larch wood, with the upper kitchen cabinets being particularly noteworthy. Crafted from toned larch strips and gently brushed, they offer a unique aesthetic experience that seamlessly blends the apartment’s interior with the surrounding natural landscape.

Esca Blewitt Springs: Luxury Off-Grid Retreat in Adelaide

Warm, rustic interior with wooden finishes, open glass walls, and desert landscape view.

Esca Blewitt Springs, a luxurious off-grid retreat designed by Das Studio, offers guests an immersive experience in South Australia’s renowned wine region. This premium accommodation, completed in 2019, seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape, showcasing breathtaking views through its floor-to-ceiling glazing. The retreat, part of a private working vineyard, provides a serene and exclusive getaway, blending high-end amenities with a harmonious connection to nature.

Pasha: Sustainable Luxury on Costa Rica’s Pristine Coast

FeaturedLuxurious tropical villa with thatched roof, infinity pool, and lush vegetation.

Situated on the breathtaking coastline of Costa Rica, Pasha emerges as a beachfront sanctuary that blends modern elegance with the untamed beauty of its natural surroundings. Crafted by the visionary design team at Studio Saxe, this hotel project invites guests to immerse themselves in a symphony of architecture and nature, offering a transformative retreat unlike any other.

Vipp Cold Hawaii: Where Danish Minimalism Meets Rugged Coastline

FeaturedMinimalist living room with large window overlooking a hilly landscape.

Discover Vipp Cold Hawaii, a guesthouse masterpiece by Hahn Lavsen, nestled in Thy National Park, Denmark. Opening in 2024, this architectural marvel harmonizes modern design with its historic roots as a fisherman’s cottage. Perfect for slow living and surf enthusiasts, its minimalistic aesthetics and proximity to nature encapsulate the essence of Cold Hawaii’s serene coastal landscape.