Vipp Cold Hawaii: Where Danish Minimalism Meets Rugged Coastline

Discover Vipp Cold Hawaii, a guesthouse masterpiece by Hahn Lavsen, nestled in Thy National Park, Denmark. Opening in 2024, this architectural marvel harmonizes modern design with its historic roots as a fisherman’s cottage. Perfect for slow living and surf enthusiasts, its minimalistic aesthetics and proximity to nature encapsulate the essence of Cold Hawaii’s serene coastal landscape.

Minimalist living room with large window overlooking a hilly landscape.
Contemporary dining space with herringbone floor and minimalist decor.
Modern kitchen with wooden ceiling and minimalist design.
Cozy attic bedroom with wooden accents and minimalist decor.
Contemporary bathroom with wood accents and sheer window curtain.
Contemporary attic bathroom with sloped ceiling and minimalist vanity.
Modern house facade with black roof, wooden door, and large window.
Contemporary house amidst dunes at sunset.

About Vipp Cold Hawaii

Reimagining Heritage in Thy National Park

Situated amidst the sandy dunes of Thy National Park, the largest of its kind in Denmark, lies Vipp Cold Hawaii, a contemporary guesthouse redefining the essence of coastal living. Designed by the local architect studio Hahn Lavsen, this project is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between modern architecture and historical context. Set to open its doors to the public on February 7, 2024, it promises an unparalleled experience for surf lovers and those yearning for a retreat into quietude, inspired by the rugged beauty of Denmark’s surfers’ paradise, Cold Hawaii.

A Solitary Monument to Modernity and Tradition

Covering a vast area of 9900 m² (about 106,562 ft²), the guesthouse stands as a solitary figure against the vast, wild backdrop of Thy National Park. From afar, its silhouette hints at the traditional fisherman’s cottages that dot the coastline. However, as one approaches, the guesthouse reveals its true form—a beautifully crafted edifice that marries geometric design with a minimalist approach. The architects, Caroline Hahn and Ebbe Lavsen, embraced the rawness of the surrounding landscape as a source of inspiration, crafting a space that is both a refuge from and a celebration of the untamed elements.

A Palette of Nature

The materiality of Vipp Cold Hawaii is a narrative of simplicity and strength. The walls, constructed from aerated concrete blocks and washed in white, alongside the Douglas fir-lined roof, speak to a design ethos of endurance and understated elegance. The repeated use of classic oak stable doors in each room not only nods to the area’s agricultural past but also introduces an element of rustic charm and natural ventilation. This commitment to a minimal palette of materials, processed to retain their inherent beauty and utility, underscores the architects’ vision of a space in harmony with its surroundings.

Inside Out: The Essence of Comfort and Clarity

Within, the guesthouse unfolds as a sanctuary of tranquility and tactile beauty, curated by interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard. The interior spaces are composed with a meticulous attention to detail, where wood, metal, glass, stone, and natural fibers interlace to create an environment that is both serene and inviting. High-precision furniture and objects dot the landscape of the interior, each piece selected for its craftsmanship and ability to bring a sense of calm and connection to the wild outdoors.

Designing with the Landscape

Central to the guesthouse’s design philosophy is the Vipp V3 kitchen—an expressive heart of the home that mirrors the undulating rhythm of the sea. Positioned deliberately to capture views of the landscape, it serves not just as a place for culinary exploration but as a focal point that grounds the living space. The choice of materials, from anodized aluminum to rich textile upholstery, echoes the overarching theme of blending the rugged with the refined.

Vipp Cold Hawaii is more than just a guesthouse; it is a celebration of place, a thoughtful integration of form and function that stands as a modern monument amidst the natural and historical tapestry of Thy National Park. It invites guests to immerse themselves in the authenticity of the locale while experiencing the comfort and innovation of contemporary Danish design.

Photography by Vipp
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- by Matt Watts