Casa Tres Volcanes: Minimalist Architecture with Stunning Volcano Views

Experience the allure of Casa Tres Volcanes, a private house nestled in Río Plata, Chile, designed by Moreno Wellmann Arquitectos in 2021. This modern retreat offers breathtaking views of Lake Villarrica and three majestic volcanoes, Villarrica, Quetropillán, and Lanín.

Modern black house with lit windows at dusk.
Spacious room with large windows, wooden floors, and minimalist decor.
Contemporary kitchen with wood accents and pendant lighting.
Contemporary wooden interior with large windows and pendant lights.
Wooden bedroom interior with large window and nature view.
Wood-paneled bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows and mountain view.
Modern bathroom with freestanding tub, large window, and star-like ceiling lights
A modern bathroom with twin sinks and circular mirrors showcasing a mountain view.
Modern house deck with glass windows overlooking scenic view.
Contemporary black-clad building with unique circular door at dusk.
Modern black house with illuminated windows at twilight.

About Casa Tres Volcanes

Modern Retreat with Spectacular Views

Casa Tres Volcanes, designed in 2021 by Moreno Wellmann Arquitectos, is a private house located in Río Plata, Cautín, Araucanía, Chile. The project aimed to create a vacation home on the southern slope of a lush hill, offering stunning views of Lake Villarrica and the Araucanía’s three iconic volcanoes. Accessed from the upper part, a platform transitions into an atrium for the house, perched on a rock with sweeping vistas to the south (volcanoes) and west (lake).

Harmony with Nature Through Architecture

The construction comprises two main volumes—one for the family and the other for guests. The primary rectangular volume spans two levels, harmonizing with the terrain to maximize the panoramic views. The secondary volume, nestled in the wooded area, consists of a single level. Both structures boast a neutral architectural style to blend respectfully with the landscape.

Elegance in Design and Material

Elevating the building on a reinforced concrete podium maintains the highest rock elevation, blending seamlessly with the vegetation. Stone cladding adorns this foundation, merging with the greenery, while concrete and wood form the walls above. The client’s profound interest in art led to the integration of notable Chilean sculptors’ work into the project, adding a distinctive touch to the residence.

Seamless Integration of Art and Nature

With sculptures by renowned artists like Federico Assler and Vicente Gajardo, Casa Tres Volcanes showcases a dialogue between art, architecture, and the surroundings. Expansive terraces and glass facades enveloping the common areas establish a connection to the immediate environment, enhancing the immersive experience of the southern Chilean landscape.

Photography courtesy of Moreno Wellmann Arquitectos
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- by Matt Watts