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Echo House: Unveiling Architectural Brilliance in Elysian Heights

Bright living room with large windows, stylish furnishings, and chevron wood flooring.

Discover Echo House, a modern private house designed by Aaron Neubert Architects in 2019, located in Los Angeles, CA. This architectural gem blends seamlessly with its Elysian Heights environment, offering stunning downtown views and a harmonic indoor-outdoor living experience. From its strategic staggered volumes to the mesmerizing dialogue between its interiors and the surrounding landscapes, Echo House redefines contemporary living.

House for Simple Stay by Skupaj Arhitekti

House for Simple Stay by Skupaj Arhitekti

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of House for Simple Stay, a perfect blend of modern design and the timeless beauty of Slovenia’s countryside. Situated in Litija, a tranquil region renowned for its rolling hills and idyllic landscapes, this groundbreaking project by Skupaj Arhitekti is a testament to the transformative power of architecture.

Celebrating the simplicity and quality of life, the residence masterfully combines the organic beauty of timber-framed construction with elegant gray fiber cement corrugations. Exquisitely tailored for a couple entering their third life span, the home beautifully balances private living with a breathtaking openness to its southern surroundings. All the while, the interior carries a unique charm – a harmonious blend of new and old, creating a space filled with light and brimming with the character of its occupants.