Echo House: Unveiling Architectural Brilliance in Elysian Heights

Discover Echo House, a modern private house designed by Aaron Neubert Architects in 2019, located in Los Angeles, CA. This architectural gem blends seamlessly with its Elysian Heights environment, offering stunning downtown views and a harmonic indoor-outdoor living experience. From its strategic staggered volumes to the mesmerizing dialogue between its interiors and the surrounding landscapes, Echo House redefines contemporary living.

Modern white house with balcony and stairway, surrounded by trees.
Bright living room with large windows, stylish furnishings, and chevron wood flooring.
Bright living space with soaring ceilings and floating staircase.
Modern living room with white walls, large windows, and unique pendant lights.
Bright modern living room with staircase and unique pendant lights.
Minimalist tiled bathroom with natural light and plant decor
Modern bathroom with a freestanding tub and glass shower area.
Contemporary house at dusk with large windows and minimalistic design.
Modern two-story house with illuminated windows and exterior stairs at dusk.

About Echo House

Architectural Elegance in Elysian Heights

Ascending the steps to Echo House in Los Angeles reveals a modern sanctuary by Aaron Neubert Architects, designed in 2019. The stark white façade, characterized by clean lines and contrasting black shutters, stands proudly atop its Elysian Heights enclave. The structure masterfully integrates with its surroundings, mirroring the adjacent community garden and drawing the eye toward downtown Los Angeles.

A Harmonious Flow from Outdoors to Indoors

Within Echo House, the transition from exterior to interior is seamless. The entrance sets the stage for a living space bathed in natural light, casting geometric shadows across the herringbone flooring. A palpable connection to nature is maintained through large glass panels, inviting views of the serene landscape into the open-plan second floor. The living room, spacious and minimalistic, invites residents and guests alike to bask in the tranquil Los Angeles hillside hues.

Layered Living Reimagined

Movement through the residence continues to be an artistic expression, with the expressed scissor stair guiding residents toward private spaces. Bedrooms offer respite and frame enviable vistas, while the bathrooms echo the home’s aesthetic: clean lines paired with organic textures create a spa-like retreat. As day gives way to night, the exterior’s powerful geometric silhouette is illuminated, offering a beacon of architectural brilliance within the eclectic fabric of Elysian Heights. Echo House is more than a residence; it is a three-dimensional canvas that harmonizes everyday living with the artistry of its environment.

Photography courtesy of Aaron Neubert Architects
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- by Matt Watts