Apartment by Alessandra Sacchi

Located in Milan, Italy, this chic apartment has been recently redesigned and renovated by Alessandra Sacchi together with the De Padova team of Santa Cecilia store in Milan.


A project could have infinite starting points. This private apartment within an old building, designed and renovated by the architect Alessandra Sacchi together with the De Padova team of Santa Cecilia store in Milan, started from the strict relationship with the background. It is located in the “quadrilatero del silenzio”, a noble Milanese district with a strong liberty connotation. The light tones spread from the floors to the walls and furniture, crossing materials and fabrics and magnifying the external suspended atmosphere, to flow as the lifeblood of the interior space. The traces of history are well visible in the decorations of doors, in the plaster of ceilings and in the bleached wooden floors. A play of returns, enhanced by the strategical positioning of mirrors, as for the big Veneziana mirror by Piero Lissoni in the dining room, which is a focal point projecting the green of the terrace inside and reflecting the furniture objects.

Boffi, De Padova and MA / U Studio collection pieces furnish the environments, conveying a comforting domestic atmosphere, where the emotional relationship between things is expressed by the precise linearity and shapes and by the rigorous but not strict functionality. The recognisable and flexible image of everyday intimacy just waits to be lived.

Photography courtesy of Alessandra Sacchi

- by Matt Watts

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