Apartment by Alessandra Sacchi

Discover the essence of chic living in this meticulously designed apartment nestled in the heart of Milan, Italy. Brilliantly conceived by the renowned architect Alessandra Sacchi, this residence is a testament to refined taste and elegance.

Located in the historic “quadrilatero del silenzio”, a district renowned for its liberty architecture, this abode beautifully harmonizes with its culturally rich backdrop. Embrace the serene ambiance amplified by light tones that dance from the floors to the walls, imbuing the space with an ethereal quality. This exquisite haven, adorned with traces of history in its door decorations, ceiling plasterwork, and bleached wooden floors, awaits you to live out your everyday intimacy. The apartment is a celebration of comfort, function, and aesthetic, all while perfectly encapsulating the vibrant spirit of Milan.

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About Apartment

Unveiling the Apartment’s Design Origin

Every project has infinite starting points. This particular private apartment, nestled within an age-old building, owes its fresh design to architect Alessandra Sacchi. Collaborating with the De Padova team from the Santa Cecilia store in Milan, they used the historical context of the building as their foundation for design.

Situated in Milan’s Prestigious District

The apartment is situated in Milan’s prestigious “quadrilatero del silenzio”, a district renowned for its significant art nouveau influences. This noble location oozes charm, seamlessly blending the old with the new.

Immersive Design with Light Tones

Light tones cascade from the floors to the walls and furniture, traversing different materials and fabrics. This color scheme enhances the serene ambiance of the exterior, flowing through the space like the lifeblood of the interior design. Traces of history are tastefully visible in the intricate door decorations, plaster ceiling designs, and bleached wooden floors.

Enhancing Space with Strategic Mirror Placement

Strategic mirror placement plays a significant role in the apartment’s design, creating a captivating interplay of reflections. A standout piece is the grand Veneziana mirror by Piero Lissoni in the dining room. Serving as a focal point, it brings the lush greenery of the terrace indoors while beautifully reflecting the carefully chosen furniture.

Furnishing with Iconic Collections for a Domestic Atmosphere

The apartment is furnished with pieces from the Boffi, De Padova, and MA / U Studio collections. These pieces create a comforting domestic atmosphere, where the emotional connection between objects is expressed through their precise linearity, distinct shapes, and functional yet flexible design. This recognizable image of everyday intimacy is just waiting to be experienced.

Photography courtesy of Alessandra Sacchi

- by Matt Watts