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Echo House: Unveiling Architectural Brilliance in Elysian Heights

Bright living room with large windows, stylish furnishings, and chevron wood flooring.

Discover Echo House, a modern private house designed by Aaron Neubert Architects in 2019, located in Los Angeles, CA. This architectural gem blends seamlessly with its Elysian Heights environment, offering stunning downtown views and a harmonic indoor-outdoor living experience. From its strategic staggered volumes to the mesmerizing dialogue between its interiors and the surrounding landscapes, Echo House redefines contemporary living.

Mandeville Canyon Residence: 1950s Charm Reimagined

Modern single-story house with a white facade and landscaped driveway against a hillside

The Mandeville Canyon Residence in Los Angeles, California, reinvents a 1950’s single-family home with a sleek, modern touch by Mnichols Design. This mid-century house, a symbol of Los Angeles’ architectural heritage, now features an open layout brimming with natural light.

Integrating the once-neglected backyard, the residence expands its living space, blurring the indoor-outdoor divide. Redesigned in 2022, it offers grand, daylight-washed rooms that connect seamlessly with the environment.

Shift House: LA’s Modern Home Transformation

Shift House: LA’s Modern Home Transformation

The Shift House, redesigned by Dunn Architecture Studio in Los Angeles, CA, blends historic charm with modern design. This transformed 1946 home features a unique alignment, expanded living spaces, a striking blue-screen-wrapped stairway, and a garden-facing family room. Highlighted by oak cabinets and Heath Ceramics, it culminates in a secluded deck with stunning city and mountain views, epitomizing modern, comfortable living.

t House: Hollywood Hills’ Latest Sustainable Sanctuary

Featuredt House: Hollywood Hills’ Latest Sustainable Sanctuary

Overlooking the illustrious Hollywood Sign, the t House by Aaron Neubert Architects emerges as a biophilic masterpiece in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles.

Perfectly integrating with the serene landscape of San Fernando Valley and Griffith Park, this avant-garde design redefines Southern California hillside living, setting the gold standard in sustainable architectural innovation for 2023.

RO54: Arshia Architects’ Futuristic Vision for Bel Air Real Estate

FeaturedRO54: Arshia Architects’ Futuristic Vision for Bel Air Real Estate

In the heart of Bel Air, Los Angeles, a remarkable new two-story house design has surfaced, aptly named RO54 by its creators, Arshia Architects. Boasting a futuristic yet contemporary design style, RO54 sits proudly on a hilltop, offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Los Angeles basin. The design captures the essence of the evolving neighborhood, addressing both aesthetics and functionality, while reducing the building mass to integrate seamlessly within its surroundings.

RO54 house breaks away from traditional compartmentalized housing models. It harnesses the potential of split-level design, weaving the topography of the hill into the layout of the house, and achieving a perfect blend of visual and functional adjacencies. Innovative features like a courtyard rainwater runoff filtration system, adherence to California’s stringent green building standards, and a low-impact, natural interior palette affirm RO54 as a stellar example of environmentally sensitive and responsible design.

Beverly Grove Residence: Hollywood Hills’ Modern Oasis

FeaturedBeverly Grove Residence: Hollywood Hills’ Modern Oasis

Discover the Beverly Grove Residence, a modern two-story architectural gem designed by Assembledge+, nestled in the heart of the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles.

Immerse yourself in a world where simple geometries blend with natural elements, creating a perfect harmony between indoor and outdoor living. This stunning home offers an inviting atmosphere with captivating views of downtown Los Angeles, while embracing sustainable practices and sophisticated design.

Wrap Recess House: A Private Coastal California Retreat

FeaturedWrap Recess House: A Private Coastal California Retreat

Wrap Recess House is a stunning two-story residence designed by Aaron Neubert Architects located in Los Angeles, California.

This 3,000-square-foot home optimizes a compact footprint to maximize outdoor living without compromising the family’s privacy. The design embraces the coastal climate and the family’s love of music and art, offering ample opportunities for impromptu recitals and showcasing their art collection.