California House: GLUCK+ Architects’ Hillside Masterpiece in LA

Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, California, the captivating California House designed by the renowned architecture firm GLUCK+ showcases a remarkable integration of form and function. This modern single-family residence masterfully navigates the steep, north-facing hillside, offering unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains.

By bifurcating the building into distinct programmatic zones, the design minimizes the impact on the landscape while creating ample outdoor living spaces.

A modern, open-concept house with a glass-walled living area and an outdoor pool surrounded by a lush landscape.
Bright, open-concept living space with panoramic city views and modern, minimalist design.
Large open-concept living space with floor-to-ceiling windows, modern furniture, and fireplace.
Sleek, minimalist open-concept living space with floor-to-ceiling windows, monochrome cabinetry, and a cozy sofa.
A modern, open-concept living space with a striking staircase, plush seating, and vibrant accents.
Spacious modern room with floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramic city views and minimalist furnishings.
Wooden slat walls and built-in storage in a modern, minimalist bathroom design.
Expansive modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, plush seating, and pool view.
Modern desert residence with sleek roofline, glass walls, and lush, sculpted landscaping.

About California House

Perched atop a steep, north-facing slope in Los Angeles, the California House by renowned architecture firm GLUCK+ presents a striking juxtaposition of nature and modern design. Completed in 2019, this remarkable residence navigates the challenges of its dramatic site with ingenious flair.

Blending with the Landscape

The design team strategically bifurcated the home, with the lower level carved into the hillside and capped by an expansive green roof. This deft maneuvering minimizes the structure’s visual impact, allowing the lush vegetation to reclaim the natural contours. The result is a seamless integration of the built environment and its picturesque surroundings.

Elevated Living, Unobstructed Views

Rising above the planted rooftop, the upper level showcases a striking glass-walled pavilion that houses the home’s communal living, cooking, and dining areas. This airy, loft-like space floats atop independent steel supports, preserving the openness and simplicity of the design. Panoramic vistas of the distant mountains captivate through the expansive glazing, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out.

Thoughtful Functionality

The interior layout strategically separates the private family spaces along the hillside from the communal entertaining zones. Three solid wood-clad volumes discreetly conceal the “messy” program elements, maintaining the clean aesthetic of the open-concept main living area. The kitchen, with its sleek cabinetry and integrated appliances, effortlessly blends into the larger spatial composition.

Harmonious Outdoor Oasis

Venturing outside, the expansive terrace and pool area offer a serene retreat amid the lush, sculptural landscaping. The home’s parasol-like roof extends well beyond the footprint of the pavilion, providing dynamic shading and sunlight throughout the day. This seamless integration of interior and exterior living spaces elevates the California House to a true architectural marvel.

Photography courtesy of GLUCK+
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- by Matt Watts