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Maison Shefford: Modern Retreat Blending Nature & Architecture

A modern, sleek house with a pool surrounded by lush greenery and a wooden deck.

Maison Shefford, a modern country retreat designed by MXMA Architecture & Design, offers an immersive experience in nature. Located in Shefford, Canada, this family home blends seamlessly with its forested surroundings, providing breathtaking panoramic views and a year-round connection to the outdoors. Through careful siting, thoughtful material selection, and innovative design strategies, the residence creates a harmonious balance between architecture and environment.

Embedded House: Organic Blending of Nature and Architecture

A sleek, modern building with large glass windows overlooking a lush green lawn.

Paulíny Hovorka Architekti‘s “Zasadený dom”, or “Embedded House,” is a stunning family residence located in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, designed in 2023. The project boasts an organic connection between the interior and exterior, with a horizontal form that seamlessly integrates into the surrounding terrain. The use of natural materials, such as exposed concrete, raw stainless steel, and untreated wood, creates a serene and durable aesthetic that gracefully ages with the home.

Reconstruction of Family House in Šaľa: Transforming a Standard Cube into a Vibrant Family Home

FeaturedWarm, modern interior with wooden beams, red accents, and multi-level living spaces.

Transforming a standard suburban home into a vibrant, light-filled oasis, the Reconstruction of Family House in Šaľa, Slovakia showcases designer benkobenkova‘s talent for reimagining living spaces. This 2024 project in the outskirts of a county town seamlessly blends the indoors and outdoors, creating a harmonious hub for a young family to enjoy quality time together.

Shift House: Striking Modernist Design in Toronto, Canada

Contemporary home with wooden accents, expansive windows, and a minimalist design aesthetic.

In Toronto’s leafy neighborhoods, a modern marvel stands in contrast to the surrounding faux-historical homes. Shift House, designed by renowned architecture firm Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, is a striking two-story residence that celebrates the interplay of interior and exterior spaces. Featuring a bold, stepped façade with contrasting charcoal and warm cedar cladding, the 300-square-meter home offers its occupants a meaningful connection to the outdoors through strategic spatial arrangements, ample glazing, and thoughtful landscaping.