Maison Shefford: Modern Retreat Blending Nature & Architecture

Maison Shefford, a modern country retreat designed by MXMA Architecture & Design, offers an immersive experience in nature. Located in Shefford, Canada, this family home blends seamlessly with its forested surroundings, providing breathtaking panoramic views and a year-round connection to the outdoors. Through careful siting, thoughtful material selection, and innovative design strategies, the residence creates a harmonious balance between architecture and environment.

A modern, sleek house with clean lines, large windows, and a lush, well-designed garden.
Spacious modern living room with large windows, sleek fireplace, and minimalist shelving.
Rustic dining table with wine rack wall display, modern shelving, and neutral tones.
Modern kitchen with sleek black cabinetry, minimalist lighting, and wooden accents.
Sleek, minimalist interior with dark walls, floating wood stairs, and expansive windows.
Modern bedroom with large sliding glass doors overlooking a lush outdoor deck and forest.
Minimalist bathroom with black vanity and sinks, large window overlooking lush forest.
A modern bathroom with a black freestanding bathtub, large tile panels, and a glass shower.
A modern, glass-and-wood house with a terrace, pool, and lush natural surroundings.
Sleek, modern house with glass walls, wooden accents, and an infinity pool surrounded by trees.
A modern, sleek house with a pool surrounded by lush greenery and a wooden deck.

About Maison Shefford

Nestled atop Mont Shefford in Canada, Maison Shefford is more than just a country retreat. Moreover, it’s a sanctuary where every detail has been carefully curated to elevate the daily living experience. Consequently, this home, designed by MXMA Architecture & Design in 2024, seamlessly combines modernity and raw nature, offering its occupants an authentic connection with their environment.

A Strategic Location for a Captivating Vision

After an extensive exploration of the Eastern Townships region, the clients, a family with young children, settled on a plot at the summit of Mont Shefford. This strategic location boasts breathtaking panoramic views, with endless stretches of woodland and the picturesque town of Bromont in the distance. Furthermore, the site’s natural setting provided the perfect canvas to bring the owners’ vision to life: an intimate retreat where family and friends feel warmly welcomed.

Harmonizing Architecture and Nature

To realize the couple’s vision, the architects at MXMA carefully navigated the site’s challenges. Firstly, they selectively removed certain trees to open up the landscape while preserving the tree canopy near the house. Secondly, they oriented the house to maximize energy efficiency and comfort, with the main north-facing façade featuring a protected entrance and the living spaces, suites, and terraces oriented to the south and west to take advantage of natural light and through-ventilation.

Overcoming Obstacles and Embracing the Terrain

During construction, the discovery of imposing bedrock at the heart of the excavation zone presented a challenge. However, the architect rose to the occasion by raising the first floor and designing a series of transitional volumes that rise from the rocky plateau and follow the natural curves of the terrain. This approach ensured the continuity and aesthetic coherence of the house with its mountain environment, using local stone to materialize the base of the house.

Immersive Experiences and Thoughtful Design

Maison Shefford unfolds like successive strata, where architecture, interior design, and landscape intertwine to create a balanced composition that blends seamlessly into the trees. Every room and circulation area open onto the outdoors, with full-height windows framing the landscape like living works of art. The floating staircase in wood and glass reinforces the visual continuity, adding a touch of elegance to the ensemble.

Embracing Natural Materials and Sustainable Practices

The home’s interiors and exteriors feature a refined, neutral palette of materials that embody a clean, sustainable aesthetic. The selection of materials, including anthracite stone, matte black metal, wood cladding, and warm interior finishes, was guided by criteria of sustainability, local availability, and environmental certifications. Additionally, the incorporation of green roofs helps to preserve water resources and reduce the house’s environmental footprint while enhancing thermal insulation and interior comfort.

A Harmonious Sanctuary in Nature

Maison Shefford is an ode to nature and architectural excellence, offering an experience that is both artistic and sensory. By seamlessly blending the interior with the surrounding landscape, the residence provides its occupants with an authentic connection to the natural world, echoing the owners’ desire to live in a place where comfort and modernity coexist in perfect harmony.

Photography by Nanne Springer
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- by Matt Watts