CC48: Unique Dual-House Design by VGZ Arquitectura

Situated in the vibrant city of Huixquilucan de Degollado, Mexico, the CC48 house designed by VGZ Arquitectura in 2021 is a remarkable example of innovative residential architecture. This ambitious project comprises two independent houses, each with its own garden, sharing services and an entrance.

The smaller 200 SqM house is positioned at the lower level, adjacent to the garage, while the larger 800 SqM main house features an H-shaped layout that allows every room to open to an exterior space, optimizing natural light and ventilation. The design aligns with the studio’s energy-efficient criteria, incorporating rainwater harvesting, waste treatment, and solar power generation.

A modern concrete house with a cantilevered upper floor, surrounded by lush greenery.
Modern concrete structure with lush plants, expansive glass walls, and minimalist seating.
Spacious living room with wooden shelves, modern furniture, and access to garden.
Luxurious open-plan living space with sleek furniture, lighting, and natural elements.
Spacious, modern living room with large windows overlooking lush greenery outside.
Outdoor patio with modern furniture, glass walls, and pendant lights overlooking city skyline.
Sleek, modern home office with wooden furniture, lush greenery, and natural lighting.
A cozy and modern living room with wooden shelves, artwork, and a minimalist table.
Cozy outdoor living area with lush tropical foliage, wooden furniture, and a glass-paneled roof.
Covered patio with wooden beams, lush garden, outdoor seating set on tiled flooring.
Warm, modern living space with a fireplace, large windows, and lush indoor foliage.
Modern architectural structure with layered concrete overhangs, wood decking, and lush greenery.
Modern, multi-level residential building with lush vegetation, glass walls, and stairs leading to a lower level.

About CC48

Nestled in the vibrant community of Huixquilucan de Degollado, Mexico, the CC48 residence is a captivating example of modern architecture that effortlessly integrates the built environment with the natural landscape. Designed by the esteemed architectural firm vgz arquitectura in 2021, this ambitious project comprises two distinct houses that share a unified entrance and services, catering to the needs of the clients’ parents and a family of six.

Embracing the Sloping Terrain

Leveraging the sloping street, the design team strategically positioned the smaller 200-square-meter house at the lower level, adjacent to the garage that serves as a foundation box. This thoughtful placement allows for seamless integration with the topography, creating a harmonious flow between the structures and their surroundings.

Fluid Indoor-Outdoor Living

The main 800-square-meter house, with its H-shaped scheme, generates spaces that flow contiguously, allowing every room to open to an exterior space. This design concept ensures that each occupant can enjoy panoramic views of the city, abundant natural light, and a constant interplay of indoor and outdoor elements.

Sustainable Design Principles

Aligning with the studio’s commitment to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, the CC48 project incorporates sustainable design features, such as rainwater harvesting and purification systems, waste treatment solutions, and solar panel energy generation. These innovative measures underscore the project’s dedication to minimizing its ecological footprint while delivering a comfortable and visually striking living experience.

Seamless Transition from Exterior to Interior

As we move from the lush, verdant exterior of the CC48 residence to the impeccably designed interior spaces, we are struck by the seamless integration of natural and man-made elements. The expansive glass walls and sliding doors allow natural light to flood the interiors, creating a sense of openness and connection with the surrounding landscape.

Sophisticated Living Room and Dining Area

The living room and dining area exude a refined and modern aesthetic, with a carefully curated selection of furniture and decor that complement the clean-lined architecture. Plush, earthy-toned sofas and chairs invite residents and guests to relax and unwind, while the sleek, wooden dining table and chairs provide a functional and stylish space for shared meals and social gatherings.

Gourmet Kitchen: Culinary Delight

The kitchen, designed with the discerning home chef in mind, boasts a seamless integration of form and function. Sleek, minimalist cabinetry and appliances create a visually striking yet highly practical workspace, while the combination of natural wood and stone surfaces adds warmth and texture to the overall design.

Serene Bedrooms and Spa-like Bathrooms

The bedrooms and bathrooms of the CC48 residence embody a serene and rejuvenating atmosphere. Calming color palettes, soft lighting, and high-quality finishes create a sanctuary-like environment, allowing the occupants to unwind and recharge. The spa-inspired bathrooms feature luxurious fixtures and fittings, elevating the everyday experience.

Conclusion: A Harmonious Architectural Masterpiece

The CC48 residence, designed by vgz arquitectura, is a true architectural masterpiece that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living, embraces sustainable design principles, and delivers a refined and comfortable living experience. By thoughtfully integrating the natural landscape and the built environment, this project stands as a testament to the power of innovative design to create enduring, eco-conscious homes that enrich the lives of their occupants.

Photography courtesy of vgz arquitectura
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- by Matt Watts