Pergola House: Ocean-View Modern Living by Studio Saxe

Pergola House, designed by Studio Saxe in 2022 in Playa Grande, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, exemplifies remarkable architectural synthesis. This house uniquely merges indoor and outdoor environments under cohesive, elegant pergola structures. Enhancing these connections are advanced sustainable features, like solar energy usage and natural ventilation, embodying modern design while respecting its lush, coastal setting.

A modern, open-concept resort with a lush, tropical garden and a covered outdoor living area.

Harmony with Nature: The Core of Pergola House

Pergola House, situated in the breathtaking Playa Grande, Santa Cruz, embodies the principles of indoor and outdoor unity. Designed by the visionary Studio Saxe in 2022, this home stands as a testament to architectural and environmental synthesis. The design incorporates a series of elegant pergolas that not only link the lush garden with the internal spaces but also extend the entire living experience by welcoming coastal breezes and nature’s music into the home’s core.

Modern outdoor living space with sleek architectural elements, a pool, and hanging light fixtures.

Sustainable Features Enhancing Modern Living

The house employs solar energy extensively while protecting itself from intense sun with expansive pergolas and deep overhangs. Tailored for efficiency, it features structural metal ribs prefabricated to match the topography precisely with minimal ecological disruption. By weaving through existing trees and using locally sourced materials, Studio Saxe aligns innovative techniques with traditional approaches, providing a habitat that promotes sustainability and minimal environmental footprint.

Cozy open-plan living area with wooden ceiling, plush seating, and nature-inspired decor.

Architectural Innovation Meeting Local Materials

The construction strategies at Pergola House emphasize flexibility and sensitivity. The prefabricated components ensure the built structure enhances rather than dominates the landscape, maintaining an organic flow that respects the resident vegetation and land’s topographical character. This integration extends to windows strategically placed to foster natural ventilation, drawing in the fresh air from both sea and mountain landscapes.

Warm, modern interior with natural wood accents, pendant lighting, and expansive view.

This residence is more than just a home; it is a symbol of resilience and harmony, harboring life and echoing a profound connection with its surrounding environment, marking a new chapter of renewal and sustainable luxury for its inhabitants.

Modern kitchen with wooden bar stools, shelves, and concrete pendant lights.
Spacious home office with glass walls overlooking lush greenery and mountain views.
Expansive outdoor dining area with wooden trellis, pendant lights, and water feature.
Luxurious outdoor patio with wood-slatted ceiling, stone walls, and infinity pool.
A modern outdoor patio with a wooden pergola, stone walls, and lush vegetation.
Stunning infinity pool overlooking lush tropical foliage and the ocean beyond.
Architectural exterior with stone walls, covered walkways, and lush tropical landscaping.

Photography courtesy of Studio Saxe
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- by Matt Watts