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Pergola House: Ocean-View Modern Living by Studio Saxe

A modern, open-concept resort with a lush, tropical garden and a covered outdoor living area.

Pergola House, designed by Studio Saxe in 2022 in Playa Grande, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, exemplifies remarkable architectural synthesis. This house uniquely merges indoor and outdoor environments under cohesive, elegant pergola structures. Enhancing these connections are advanced sustainable features, like solar energy usage and natural ventilation, embodying modern design while respecting its lush, coastal setting.

Pousada Hayô: Experience Eco-friendly Luxury in Brazil

FeaturedA tropical, open-air resort with thatched-roof structures, palm trees, and a walkway over a pool.

Discover the innovative and sustainable design of Pousada Hayô, conceptualized by Vivian Hunnicutt in Brazil, 2023. This hotel effortlessly melds traditional Brazilian architecture with modern steel-frame construction, offering a unique stay amidst UNESCO heritage in Caraíva, Bahia. With a focus on minimal environmental impact, Pousada Hayô stands as a testament to eco-friendly and culturally integrated design.

House in Warmiia: Eco-Friendly Living in Poland’s Countryside

A cozy cabin interior with a vaulted wooden ceiling, large windows, and modern furniture.

In Cerkiewnik, Poland, the House in Warmiia emerges as a stunning example of modern architecture effortlessly blending with nature. Designed by Marta Szlachta in 2023, this eco-friendly, single-story house showcases large glazings, natural materials, and a design that invites the outside in, making it an ideal haven for those seeking tranquility and modern amenities in a rural setting.

Trica: A Contemporary Coastal Home by iHouse in Uruguay

Modern beach house with large windows surrounded by sand and trees.

The Trica project by iHouse redefines contemporary living in Chihuahua, Uruguay. This house, designed in 2023, integrates modern technology with eco-efficient construction. Its unique modular design allows for minimal environmental impact, creating a seamless blend with the coastal surroundings. The residence serves as a serene escape, embracing both privacy and openness.