Pousada Hayô: Experience Eco-friendly Luxury in Brazil

Discover the innovative and sustainable design of Pousada Hayô, conceptualized by Vivian Hunnicutt in Brazil, 2023. This hotel effortlessly melds traditional Brazilian architecture with modern steel-frame construction, offering a unique stay amidst UNESCO heritage in Caraíva, Bahia. With a focus on minimal environmental impact, Pousada Hayô stands as a testament to eco-friendly and culturally integrated design.

Lush tropical villa with thatched roof, wooden decking, and outdoor pool areas.
A tropical, open-air resort with thatched-roof structures, palm trees, and a walkway over a pool.
A warm, rustic interior with intricate wooden ceilings, stone walls, and natural decor elements.
Tropical open-air restaurant design featuring thatched roof, glass floor, and wooden furnishings.
Cozy tropical retreat with wooden walls, canopy bed, and lush greenery outside.
Luxurious hotel room with white canopy bed, natural wood accents, and private balcony.
Rustic wooden cabin interiors with ornate curtains, ocean views, and hammock.
Rustic, open-plan bedroom with wooden beams, hammock, and canopy-draped bed.
Rustic tiled bathroom with wooden slat ceiling and built-in sink alcove.
Rustic outdoor patio with thatched roof, potted plants, and wooden deck creating a cozy ambiance.
A spacious, rustic bathroom with wooden beams, round mirrors, and stone sinks.
A tropical outdoor pool surrounded by thatched walls and vegetation.
Rustic tropical outdoor patio with thatched roof, comfortable seating, and ocean view.
Lush, tropical garden setting with winding pools, thatched-roof huts, and wooden decks.
Beachfront cabana with thatched roof, wooden deck, and cozy seating area overlooking the ocean.
Tropical beach hut with thatched roof and open balcony overlooking lush palm trees.

About Pousada Hayô

Revolutionizing Hotel Design with Sustainable Innovation

In the heart of Caraíva, Brazil’s first fishing village founded in 1530, lies Pousada Hayô, a stunning hotel designed by Vivian Hunnicutt in 2023. This exceptional project seamlessly integrates sustainable practices with Brazilian architectural heritage, providing guests an unparalleled experience. Situated between the Caraíva River and the sea, the hotel’s location is not only breathtaking but also rich in history, neighboring the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Caraíva Village, the Pataxó indigenous reserve, and the Monte Pascoal National and Historical Park.

Embracing Eco-Friendly Construction

Pousada Hayô stands out for its commitment to environmental preservation, opting for a steel frame structure to minimize solid waste. Its roofing, made of piaçava, pays homage to the afro-indigenous heritage of the Bahia region. The hotel’s use of “pau a pique” walls, a method involving wooden frameworks filled with a mixture of clay, straw, and other natural materials, further demonstrates a dedication to traditional and natural construction methods.

Integrating Natural Elements for a Unique Guest Experience

The generous doors and windows feature an articulated system that maximizes ventilation and natural light, while the open bath areas create a seamless connection between the hotel’s interior spaces and the stunning natural surroundings. The swimming pool, lined with green quartz from the Chapada Diamantina, not only provides a calming oasis but also incorporates the healing properties attributed to this gemstone. Adding a distinctive touch to the hotel’s amenities is the beach bar’s boat—a nod to Caraíva’s historical modes of transportation and a trademark highlight of the guest experience.

Pousada Hayô is not only a masterpiece of sustainable hotel design; it is a celebration of Brazil’s rich cultural and environmental legacy, promising guests a stay that is both luxurious and eco-consciously harmonious.

Photography by Oka Fotográfica
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- by Matt Watts