Brigadeiro Apartment: Inside Curitiba’s Modernized 1970s Gem

The Brigadeiro Apartment in Curitiba, Brazil, revitalized by Leandro Garcia in 2023, exemplifies a harmonious blend of nostalgia and contemporary design. Originally a vibrant family home in the 1980s, it has been transformed into a spacious, light-filled dwelling. The renovation preserved its 1970s essence, such as original parquet floors, while introducing modern materials and an expansive social area. This real estate piece now serves as a creative retreat for its architect residents, showcasing a unique blend of vintage finds and custom-designed elements.

Modern living room with minimalist furniture and white curtains.
Minimalist living room with white walls, modern furniture, and large window.
Modern room with a tan recliner, floor lamp, sheer curtains, and a
Minimalist living space with tan leather chair and shelving.
Minimalist living space with exposed concrete pillar and sleek furniture.
Modern dining room with wooden table, chairs, and green pendant lights.
Modern dining room with a wooden table, rattan chairs, and green pendant lights
Modern hallway with herringbone floor and minimalist decor.
Modern dining room with wooden furniture and white walls.
Sleek kitchen with white cabinetry, granite countertops, and parquet flooring
Minimalist white-tiled bathroom with walk-in shower.
Minimalist bedroom with white walls, a bedside table, lamp, and part of
Minimalist study area with wooden desk, wicker chair, and sheer curtains.

About Brigadeiro Apartment

Reviving the Brigadeiro Apartment: A Modern Nostalgia

Once a bustling hub of family life in the 1980s, the Brigadeiro Apartment located in the heart of Curitiba, Brazil, has undergone a thoughtful transformation. Leandro Garcia, renowned for his meticulous approach to design, spearheaded the renovation in 2023, blending the apartment’s original charm with contemporary elegance. Originally configured with compact spaces typical of its era, the apartment saw a radical spatial reimagining. By converting three bedrooms into two and optimizing the utility areas, the living and dining spaces have been expanded, intertwining light, openness, and functionality seamlessly.

A Tribute to Materiality and Craftsmanship

Integral to the redesign was the preservation of the apartment’s historical elements, such as the original Imbuia parquet flooring, which, after restoration, gleams anew under the influx of natural light. The decision to maintain the pre-existing window frames further anchors the space in its historical context while inviting the sun and wind to animate its interiors. The material palette chosen introduces terrazzo and hydraulic tile, materials not previously utilized by Garcia, thereby injecting a sense of experimentation and freshness into the space. This material diversity, paired with custom cabinetry limited to essential areas, sets the stage for a collection of movable furniture pieces, each with its own story and contribution to the apartment’s new chapter.

The Heart of the Home: A Table for Gathering

Dominating the communal area is a 4.50m (14.8 ft) solid wood table, custom-designed by the architects themselves, around which daily life unfolds. This multifunctional piece not only serves as a dining table but also as a workstation and a canvas for artistic pursuits, symbolizing the fusion of the residents’ personal and professional worlds. The integration of the dinner table with the kitchen countertop, accented by vintage industrial lamps and a curated collection of white objects, facilitates a seamless flow between culinary and social spaces.

Curated Comfort: Selecting Timeless Furniture

In the living area, the choice of furniture—from the MP-97 blue sofa and the caramel MP-163 armchair by Percival Lafer to the FDC1 brown armchair and the green MTF600 chair—demonstrates an appreciation for Brazilian design masters. These pieces, alongside thrifted finds and commissioned items, create a dialogue between form, function, and comfort. The strategic placement of soft carpets and cozy armchairs encourages spontaneous gatherings, making every corner of the Brigadeiro Apartment an invitation to connect and create.

By meticulously marrying the apartment’s architectural heritage with bold, contemporary interventions, Leandro Garcia has crafted a space that is not only a home but a testament to the power of thoughtful design in evoking sentiment, fostering creativity, and celebrating life’s simple pleasures.

Photography by Fran Parente
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- by Matt Watts