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Hedge Apartment: Sleek Design Meets Urban Comfort

Modern living room with gray sofa, wooden cabinets, and wall-mounted TV.

Experience the epitome of modern living with the Hedge Apartment in Curitiba, Brazil. Designed by Tulli Studio in 2023, this contemporary residence stands as a testament to masculine elegance and functionality. From the seamless integration of the living room and kitchen to the strategic use of lighting and textures, every detail reflects a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance.

Discover how this apartment redefines urban living, blending industrial modern touches with the warmth of caramel leather and the sleekness of calacatta quartz.

Juvevê Apartment: Curitiba’s Canvas of Modern Living

Modern open-plan kitchen and dining area with neutral colors and wooden accents.

Explore the Juvevê Apartment in Curitiba, Brazil, a 2022 creation by Nommo Arquitetos. This modern apartment is a fusion of art and functionality, tailored for a visual artist. It features a dual-level design for social and private spaces, with distinctive elements like an acid glass kitchen door and a light, perforated metal staircase. Earthy tones and textures reflect the resident’s ceramic influence, making it a uniquely personal and aesthetic dwelling.

Vertice House: Modern Living in Curitiba

FeaturedVertice House: Modern Living in Curitiba

Vertice House in Curitiba, Brazil, designed by Nommo Arquitetos in 2022, redefines family living on an unconventional “V”-shaped lot. This modern two-story home, crafted for a family of four, integrates a large garden, prioritizing outdoor space and privacy. The design cleverly organizes living spaces through distinct materials and strategic positioning, ensuring natural light and ventilation.

With a focus on thermal efficiency, the house features intelligent hot water and solar energy systems, creating a harmonious blend of comfort, privacy, and eco-friendly living.

Elo Apartment’s Elegant Aging-In-Place Design

Elo Apartment’s Elegant Aging-In-Place Design

As Tulli Studio shapes the Elo Apartment into a modern sanctuary in Curitiba, Brazil, comfort and functionality merge for the elderly couple who will call it home.

The interior design prioritizes well-being with cozy lighting and a clever use of space in the 52m² (560 sq ft) property. This over-40-year-old apartment has been reimagined for graceful aging, balancing modernity and sophistication in every detail.

Lake House: Where Contemporary Design Meets Natural Beauty

FeaturedLake House: Where Contemporary Design Meets Natural Beauty

Introducing the Lake House, a stunning two-story home designed by Arquitetare, situated in the picturesque city of Curitiba, Brazil. This contemporary residence showcases a strong, timeless personality, with its design highlighted by contrasting tones and the balance of open and enclosed spaces. Large glass panels and pure volumes define its minimalist architecture, while its strategic location offers breathtaking views of a serene lake, cementing this home as a true urban refuge.

The Lake House, designed in 2021, embodies the clients’ personality and lifestyle, presenting an exquisite fusion of sophistication, nature, and architecture.

Ráfia Apartment: Curitiba’s Modern Duplex Dream Home

Ráfia Apartment: Curitiba’s Modern Duplex Dream Home

Ráfia Apartment is a modern and comfortable duplex in Curitiba, Brazil, designed by Tulli Studio.

This stunning space was crafted to meet a family’s needs while showcasing the studio’s unique design identity. Explore how this newly built 1,679-square-foot (156m2) home is transformed into an elegant urban oasis with thoughtful touches and a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living.