Cool Flat for a Young Family: Harmonious Interiors in Vancouver

Located in the heart of Vancouver, Canada, the Cool Flat for a Young Family is a masterpiece of interior design by Peter Wilds Design. Designed in 2023, this apartment combines modern elegance with classic touches, showcasing innovative storage solutions, a curated selection of sculptural furniture, and a bright atmospheric design. Its unique blend of styles, shapes, and eras underlines a cool modern edge, suitable for the dynamic lifestyle of a young, active family.

Sleek living space with large windows, city view, and minimalist decor.
Bright, minimalist apartment interior with sleek kitchen and large windows.
Minimalist dining space with sculptural light fixture and city view.
Modern living room with a gray sectional sofa and white ottoman.
Sleek living room with a dark sofa, white kitchen cabinets in the background
Minimalist dining room with sleek white cabinetry and stylish pendant lights.
Minimalist bedroom with tufted headboard and modern bedside lamp.
Minimalist bedroom with neutral colors and sheer curtains
Contemporary bathroom with striped marble walls and round sink.

About Cool Flat for a Young Family

Blending Modern with Timeless in a Family Apartment

In the bustling heart of Vancouver, Canada, the “Cool Flat for a Young Family” emerges as a pinnacle of interior design intelligence, skillfully executed by Peter Wilds Design in 2023. This project stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of modern aesthetics with elements of classic elegance, crafted to accommodate the lively spirits of a young, active family.

The foundation of the design concept was built on contrasts – mixing unexpected elements to create a space that is as visually stimulating as it is comfortable. The living spaces feature a distinctive selection of furnishings, such as the cool sculptural Bowy Cassina sectional and other whimsical pieces, playing into a narrative where form meets function in the most seamless way.

Storage Solutions Without Sacrificing Style

A key pillar to the project’s success was addressing the family’s extensive storage needs without cluttering the visually open concept. Peter Wilds ingeniously integrated comprehensive storage solutions, such as a 14-foot (approximately 4 meters) custom storage cabinet and a floor-to-ceiling shoe cabinet, ensuring every square inch serves a dual purpose of function and style.

The transformation extended to the apartment’s kitchen and ensuite closet, optimizing space and enhancing usability. The removal of a redundant glass solarium allowed for an expanded kitchen area, while a fully reconfigured closet, tucked behind the bedroom’s custom headboard, maximized storage and maintained the apartment’s sleek aesthetic.

Immersed in Light and Warmth

Central to the design was the relationship to natural light, which influenced material selection and color palettes to foster a bright, airy atmosphere. Floor-to-ceiling windows on the 35th floor not only showcase the stunning cityscape but also enhance the wide plank Austrian matte oak flooring and terrazzo tiles, creating a tactile experience rich in warmth.

The strategic selection of soft whites and cool grays, punctuated by playful punches of black, cultivates a serene yet dynamic backdrop. This careful consideration ensures that the apartment remains an inviting, cozy haven for the family, balancing openness and comfort with each design choice.

A Curated Approach to Furniture

Emphasizing quality over quantity, the furniture selection process was meticulous, favoring pieces with sculptural qualities that augment the space without overwhelming it. Each piece, chosen for its detail and scale, contributes to the overall narrative of a home that is both modern and inviting, reflecting a young family’s needs and aesthetics.

In essence, the “Cool Flat for a Young Family” by Peter Wilds Design is a celebration of modern interior design’s capabilities to weave functionality with style, creating a home that’s as beautiful as it is livable.

Photography by Peter Wilds Design
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- by Matt Watts