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Riley Park Residence: A Spotlight on Vancouver’s Modern Homes

Contemporary house with angular design and mixed-material facade.

Discover the Riley Park Residence, a prime example of modern architecture designed by Frits de Vries Architects + Associates in 2023. Located in Vancouver, Canada, this house merges contemporary aesthetics with the tranquility of its surroundings. The design emphasizes open spaces, innovative use of materials, and a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living.

Cool Flat for a Young Family: Harmonious Interiors in Vancouver

Sleek living space with large windows, city view, and minimalist decor.

Located in the heart of Vancouver, Canada, the Cool Flat for a Young Family is a masterpiece of interior design by Peter Wilds Design. Designed in 2023, this apartment combines modern elegance with classic touches, showcasing innovative storage solutions, a curated selection of sculptural furniture, and a bright atmospheric design. Its unique blend of styles, shapes, and eras underlines a cool modern edge, suitable for the dynamic lifestyle of a young, active family.

Modern Country House: Elegant Blend of Style in Vancouver

FeaturedModern Country House: Elegant Blend of Style in Vancouver

Explore the Modern Country House, an architectural marvel in Vancouver, Canada, designed by Paul Sangha Creative in 2020. This exquisite property marries modern country style with contemporary elegance, featuring a main residence and barn with striking stone cladding and vast windows.

Inside, luxurious velvet furnishings meet sleek concrete floors, while the artfully designed outdoor spaces boast lounges, bars, and serene lighting, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience.

PGR House: Reinventing 1970s Architecture

FeaturedPGR House: Reinventing 1970s Architecture

Step into the PGR House in Vancouver, Canada, a stunning example of modern architecture by Evoke International Design.

This 3,180 square foot residence, once a 1973 family home, now boasts a fusion of concrete and Douglas Fir. It masterfully connects the indoors with the outdoors, offering panoramic views of the Salish Sea and mountains. The design, focused on retaining the original site’s charm, features a unique blend of materials, creating a warm, inviting ambiance that celebrates both urban living and natural beauty.

75.9 House: A Pioneering Vision of Contemporary Living

Featured75.9 House: A Pioneering Vision of Contemporary Living

Discover the harmonious blend of nature and architecture in Omer Arbel‘s latest creation, the 75.9 House. Situated amidst the scenic hayfields south of Vancouver, Canada, this family home stands as a testament to innovative design. Built around striking ‘lily pad’ concrete columns – a unique pouring method developed by Arbel’s studio – the house is a first-of-its-kind architectural venture.

With an interior adorned by warm timber, polished concrete, and a Japan-inspired garden, this home is not just a dwelling but a timeless monument, reflecting Arbel’s decade-long material experimentation and his commitment to an analog approach to materiality.

Eaves House: Redefining Suburban Living in Canada

Eaves House: Redefining Suburban Living in Canada

Step into a marvel of modern design at the Eaves House, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Vancouver, Canada. Renowned design studio McLeod Bovell Modern Houses crafts a masterpiece that harmoniously unites residential tranquility with the untamed beauty of a forested ravine. The house, a unique single-story estate, offers unobstructed views of English Bay, the iconic Vancouver skyline, and the lush Stanley Park peninsula.

Designed in 2021, this house takes inspiration from the panoramic surroundings, emphasizing roof forms to fit within the area’s specific design guidelines. It provides a fresh interpretation of the suburban landscape, capturing the spirit of the great outdoors, all while ensuring absolute privacy. Get ready to experience the enchanting ‘views behind views’ of the Eaves House, where the cinematic splendor of nature meets the epitome of modern architectural design.