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Central Park South Apartment: Seamless Design Meets Functionality

A spacious, minimalist living area with modern furniture, artwork, and built-in shelving.

Designed by Glickman Schlesinger Architects in 2023, the Central Park South Apartment offers a tranquil, meditative space optimized for views of Central Park. With a focus on maximizing natural light, the 1,700 sq ft (158 sq m) interior features seamless integrated storage and a clever layout that enhances living space fluidity. The design incorporates a sophisticated palette and custom furnishings, creating a unique blend of functionality and style in this urban haven.

Cool Flat for a Young Family: Harmonious Interiors in Vancouver

Sleek living space with large windows, city view, and minimalist decor.

Located in the heart of Vancouver, Canada, the Cool Flat for a Young Family is a masterpiece of interior design by Peter Wilds Design. Designed in 2023, this apartment combines modern elegance with classic touches, showcasing innovative storage solutions, a curated selection of sculptural furniture, and a bright atmospheric design. Its unique blend of styles, shapes, and eras underlines a cool modern edge, suitable for the dynamic lifestyle of a young, active family.