Wine Country Barn: A New Standard in Wine Country Living

Discover the remarkable Wine Country Barn, a unique house situated in Healdsburg, United States, designed by Malcolm Davis Architecture in 2024. This project beautifully marries modern architectural techniques with traditional rustic elements, reflecting the distinctive wine country setting. Enjoy a glimpse into this serene retreat, where sustainable design principles and local materials ensure it complements its natural surroundings, offering an ideal weekend getaway rich in style and comfort.

Spacious outdoor patio with a modern wooden structure, featuring an open-air kitchen and dining area.
Inviting outdoor dining area with modern wooden architecture, concrete flooring, and sleek furnishings.
Airy, open-concept living space with large window, modern art piece, and minimalist furnishings.
A minimalist outdoor pool and spa area surrounded by vineyard and mountain scenery.
Tranquil outdoor deck with modern modular furniture, surrounded by lush greenery.
A rustic wooden structure nestled among lush vineyards, with architectural features that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings.
A wooden barn-style structure with a car parked underneath a large, overarching tree.
A serene outdoor garden oasis with a wooden walkway leading to a secluded pool area.

About Wine Country Barn

Introduction to Wine Country Barn

The Wine Country Barn by Malcolm Davis Architecture, established in Healdsburg in 2024, stands as a model of how modern architecture can seamlessly integrate with the natural landscape. Located in the heart of Northern California’s Wine Country, this house blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living, while upholding the character of the local environment.

Architectural and Design Philosophy

Drawing inspiration from traditional barns in the region, Malcolm Davis Architecture chose materials and designs that resonate with the area’s heritage, such as locally sourced redwood siding (2×6 inches). This not only pays tribute to the locale’s mill town history but also supports sustainable practices by reducing transportation emissions.

Harmonious Integration with the Landscape

A collaborative effort with Lucas & Lucas for landscape design allowed for a perfect blend of architecture and nature. The addition of an entertainment barn and guest house complement the main structure, featuring sustainable design elements like natural ventilation, which minimize reliance on mechanical cooling and heating. The extensive use of large windows maximizes natural lighting, reducing the need for artificial lights and enhancing energy efficiency.

Sustainable Features and Interior Design

The project emphasizes environmentally friendly strategies, including the use of passive design techniques that harness the area’s climate for natural comfort. The interior, handled by Grant Gibson Interior Design, follows a timeless aesthetic, ensuring that each piece contributes to both function and style. Combining aesthetics with function, the Wine Country Barn establishes a dialogue between the new and existing buildings, creating a cohesive wine country estate that is both modern and inviting.


The Wine Country Barn is not just a building; it’s a sanctuary that respects its past, embraces its setting, and looks toward a sustainable future. It represents a continuation of Malcolm Davis Architecture’s commitment to thoughtful, site-sensitive work. Here, families and friends can gather in a space that is both open and intimate, encapsulating the essence of what a weekend home should be.

Photography by Joe Fletcher
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- by Matt Watts