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AB House: A Revolution in Tropical Luxury and Sustainability

FeaturedInviting indoor-outdoor living space with modern wooden and stone architecture.

Discover the AB House, designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura in 2016, located in the serene Angra dos Reis, Brazil. This house exemplifies state-of-the-art sustainable design, merging two levels of sophisticated living spaces with inviting nature into every room. Through thoughtful design and use of prefabricated materials, it achieves a minimal environmental footprint while offering luxurious indoor and outdoor areas.

Pergola House: Ocean-View Modern Living by Studio Saxe

A modern, open-concept resort with a lush, tropical garden and a covered outdoor living area.

Pergola House, designed by Studio Saxe in 2022 in Playa Grande, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, exemplifies remarkable architectural synthesis. This house uniquely merges indoor and outdoor environments under cohesive, elegant pergola structures. Enhancing these connections are advanced sustainable features, like solar energy usage and natural ventilation, embodying modern design while respecting its lush, coastal setting.

Big Top: Innovative Home Design Steps from Camelback Mountain

Modern, minimalist building with clean lines, stone and wood facade, and landscaping.

Discover Big Top, a solar-powered residence designed by The Ranch Mine in Phoenix, Arizona. This house, built in 2021, skillfully merges innovative design with the natural desert landscape at the base of Camelback Mountain. With a cantilevered roof that optimizes mountain views and promotes indoor-outdoor living through pocketing glass doors, ‘Big Top‘ redefines modern, sustainable living in the United States.

Open House: A Marvel of Tropical Architecture in Singapore

Spacious industrial-style living room with concrete walls, modern furniture, and hanging light fixtures.

Discover Open House in Singapore, a masterpiece by Studio iF, showcasing the pinnacle of tropical architecture. Designed in 2014, this house redefines living by integrating nature within its urban setting. Its unique design features, including a void for a towering Memphat tree and a green-rich rear court, create a harmony between indoors and the surrounding wildlife. Experience a home where architecture meets nature, inviting a blend of tranquility and vibrancy.

House in the Pyrenees: Designing with the Landscape in Mind

FeaturedA modern, wooden and stone architectural design with clean lines and large windows offering scenic mountain views.

Discover the House in the Pyrenees, designed by GMG Plans i Projectes and nestled in Bellver de Cerdanya, Spain. This sustainably crafted home, planned for 2024, transcends traditional architecture. It combines the essence of the Cerdanya Lerida’s agricultural past with modern living standards. Built from locally sourced wood and stone, this house promises unparalleled views of the Cadí-Moixeró mountains and epitomizes energy-positive living.

Berm House: How It Defines Eco-Friendly Multi-Unit Housing

A modern, single-story structure with large windows and warm lighting, surrounded by a grassy field and evergreen trees.

Discover Berm House in Mazama, Washington, designed by CAST Architecture in 2023. This multi-unit housing project combines modern design with eco-friendly principles. It serves as a common house within a mixed-income community, offering private and public spaces, optimized for solar exposure, and utilizing Passive House principles. Its design features include a post and beam structure, a CLT roof, and materials that blend with the natural landscape.

Ka-Ma-Ra: A Unique Rebirth of a Maniot Village House

Scenic stone terrace with cushioned seating, overlooking lush greenery and ocean view.

Discover the innovative transformation of Ka-Ma-Ra, a house in Greece, by Z-LEVEL architecture. Once a traditional café-grocery in a ruined Maniot village, it’s now a contemporary dwelling seamlessly blending history with modern design. This project, rooted in sustainable practices, demonstrates the wise use of local resources and materials, making it a perfect example of eco-friendly living and architectural creativity in 2022.

Casa Toro: How This Ocean-Inspired House Merges With Nature

Circular concrete structure with wood accents, pool, and terraced exterior surroundings.

Casa Toro, designed by Estudio Carroll in 2023, stands as a beacon of sustainable architecture in Oaxaca City, Mexico. This innovative house, spanning approximately 250 m² (about 2690 ft²), seamlessly blends with its coastal surroundings, promoting energy-efficient living without sacrificing luxury. Through the use of local materials and thoughtful design, Casa Toro offers a unique living experience that harmoniously connects its residents with nature.