River House: Sustainable Living on the Banks of a Brazilian River

Situated along the banks of a river in Santa Cruz Cabrália, Brazil, the River House designed by Daniel Fromer & Arquitetos seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature. This 2020 residential project features a deconstructed layout across three blocks, harmonizing with the traditional architectural style of the region through the use of local materials and techniques.

A rustic wooden cabin nestled among lush greenery, with a covered porch and wooden steps leading up.
A cozy wooden interior with a long dining table, glass block walls, and a decorative totem.
Rustic wooden structure with thatched roof, outdoor seating areas, and intricate lattice walls.
A rustic wooden interior with patterned screens, plush seating, and carved wooden sculptures.
A shaded wooden walkway with lattice walls, planter boxes, and a hanging hammock in a lush, green setting.
A rustic wooden cabin with large windows and a porch surrounded by lush greenery.
A tranquil tropical garden oasis with rustic wooden structures, lush foliage, and hammock.
Rustic wooden cabins nestled in lush tropical greenery, featuring elevated decking and shade structures.

About River House

Located along the riverbanks, this captivating house in Santa Cruz Cabrália, Brazil, seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. Designed by Daniel Fromer & Arquitetos, the project, known as “River House,” embraces the client’s desire for a dwelling that harmonizes with the local community.

Deconstructed Elegance

The generous plot of land allowed the architects to create a deconstructed design, dividing the house into three distinct blocks. These blocks accommodate the social, intimate, and service functions, resulting in a thoughtful and flexible layout.

Transparent Connectivity

Notably, the residence lacks a traditional entrance door or hallway, allowing for a transparent social block that offers a stunning view of the river in the background. This design choice reinforces the property’s integration with the surrounding environment.

Harmonious Materials and Craftsmanship

The materials used in the construction, such as white masonry, burnt cement, peroba-rosa wood, and demolition ceramic tiles, harmonize with the traditional architecture of the area. Additionally, the custom-designed muxarabis, a wooden lattice feature of Arab origin, introduce natural light and ventilation into the interior spaces.

Sustainable and Community-Driven

Sustainability is a core principle of the project, evident in the thoughtful positioning of the house, the reuse of demolition materials, and the employment of local labor. This commitment to environmental and social responsibility is a testament to the architects’ holistic approach.

Personalized Touches

Inside, the homeowners’ personal touches shine through the décor, which blends contemporary furniture and pieces crafted by local artisans. These elements not only reflect the residents’ experiences and memories but also celebrate the artistic talent of the surrounding community.

A Riverfront Sanctuary

Ultimately, the “River House” is a captivating retreat that seamlessly integrates with its riverside setting. By embracing the local context, celebrating sustainable practices, and infusing the design with personal touches, the architects have created a truly unique and immersive living experience.

Photography by Beto Riginik
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- by Matt Watts