CInnamon Villa: Discover Tropical Modern Luxury in Sri Lanka

Tucked away in a flourishing cinnamon plantation in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, Mahaduwa Cinnamon Villa showcases the epitome of tropical modern architecture. Designed by the renowned Sri Lankan architectural firm RMJA under the guidance of architect Rajith Jayawardana, this stunning holiday villa offers a seamless blend of sustainability, luxury, and natural beauty.

Modern two-story building with brick exterior, exposed frame, and balconies.
Modern open-plan living space with concrete ceilings, wooden furniture, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a pool and lush greenery.
Spacious room with panoramic lake view, modern furniture, and wooden floor details.
Warehouse-style open-plan living space with raw concrete ceilings, brick walls, and wooden furniture.
Spacious dining room with large windows, concrete ceiling, and wooden furniture.
Rustic yet modern dining area with wooden furnishings, elevated ceiling, and panoramic views.
A covered patio with wooden furniture, overlooking a scenic lake and lush foliage.
Infinity pool overlooking tropical greenery and a body of water on the horizon.
Stunning infinity pool overlooking lush island landscape and serene lake at sunset.
Modern concrete villa with floor-to-ceiling windows, balconies, and surrounding lawn.

About CInnamon Villa

Nestled within a flourishing cinnamon plantation in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, the Cinnamon Villa is a stunning embodiment of sustainable luxury. Designed by the acclaimed architectural firm RMJA, led by architect Rajith Jayawardana, this villa seamlessly blends modern design with the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Sustainable and Elegant Design

The Cinnamon Villa’s architecture exemplifies the principles of sustainability. Crafted from recycled materials like brick and timber, the villa harmoniously integrates with its lush, tropical environment. Its elegant, tropical modern style features strong, distinctive elements that celebrate the region’s design heritage.

Breathtaking Vistas and Fluid Indoor-Outdoor Living

Strategically positioned to maximize the stunning views of Rathgama Lake and the distant sea, the Cinnamon Villa boasts double-height spaces that enhance the sense of openness and connection to nature. Expansive balconies and verandahs extend the living areas, creating a fluid indoor-outdoor experience that allows residents to fully immerse themselves in the surrounding beauty.

Luxurious Sanctuary for Relaxation

At the heart of the Cinnamon Villa are the spacious, open-plan living and dining areas, designed to foster a sense of community and relaxation. Large openings invite natural light and refreshing breezes, creating a tranquil ambiance that celebrates the villa’s tropical setting.

The three bedrooms serve as private retreats, each with attached bathrooms and modern amenities. Strategically positioned for maximum privacy and serenity, the bedrooms offer stunning views, allowing residents to wake up to the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Infinity Pool and Outdoor Oasis

The Cinnamon Villa’s crown jewel is its infinity pool, which appears to merge with the horizon, offering a 360-degree panoramic view of the breathtaking surroundings. This serene oasis is the perfect setting for relaxation and recreation, providing a captivating backdrop for unforgettable moments.

Extending the indoor living spaces, the villa’s balconies and verandahs offer idyllic spots for contemplation and enjoyment of the natural beauty. Whether it’s savoring a morning coffee while watching the sunrise over the lake or basking in the evening breeze as the sun sets over the sea, the Cinnamon Villa offers an immersive, nature-inspired experience.

Photography courtesy of RMJA – Architect Rajith Jayawardana
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- by Matt Watts