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Blackbird Living: A Modern Oasis in Turin’s Revitalized Aurora

Modernist kitchen with open layout, glass partitions, and natural light from outdoor view.

Located in Turin, Italy’s multicultural Aurora district, the Blackbird Living apartment is a 2018 masterpiece by a3lier architettura. Transforming a once-neglected space into a beacon of modern living, this apartment artfully combines historic charm with contemporary design. From double-height living spaces offering serene garden views to sleek, functional interiors, it embodies urban rejuvenation.

Casa Mari: A Fresh Approach to Apartment Living in Italy

Minimalist living room with exposed wooden beams, built-in storage, and large windows.

Drawing inspiration from the Molisean landscape and the Adriatic Sea, Casa Mari is a groundbreaking apartment design in Guglionesi, Italy, by Lorenzo Pio Paladino. This 2023 project transforms a traditional home into an expansive three-bedroom apartment, emphasizing open living spaces, flexible design, and bespoke features. Distinctive for its lack of doors and its fluid layout, Casa Mari cleverly integrates storage and furniture to define spaces, creating a serene and harmonious environment that marries function with aesthetic appeal.

Quesada Apartment: StudioMadera’s Approach to Textured, Warm Interiors

Bright, open-concept living space with wooden dining table, neutral furniture, and large windows.

Discover the Quesada Apartment in Madrid, Spain, a testament to StudioMadera‘s 2023 innovate approach, transforming a once compartmentalized space into a haven of light and texture. This apartment, through strategic design and material selection, invites warmth and natural light, creating an open, cohesive living experience that prioritizes comfort and style.

Tangram House: How Twobo Reimagined a 1970s Home

Contemporary living space with orange pendant lamp and green tile accents.

Discover the Tangram House in Barcelona, Spain, a stunning representation of 1970s elegance merged with contemporary design. Designed by Twobo in 2022, this house showcases innovative use of geometric shapes to craft living spaces that promise freedom and fluidity. From its historical roots to the modern reinterpretation, every detail celebrates the original architecture while inviting new possibilities for living.

Casa Singer: How Light & Space Redefine This Porto Apartment

Bright, airy living space with vaulted ceiling, large windows, and a playful

Discover Casa Singer, a stunning apartment transformation by Atelier Sergio Rebelo, nestled in the heart of Porto, Portugal. This 2020 renovation breathes new life into a 1939 Art Deco building, blending historical architecture with modern design principles. The redesigned layout maximizes openness and flexibility, inviting an abundance of natural light and integrating original materials with new, contemporary elements.