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Villa Wood: A Modern Wooden Sustainable House in Copenhagen

Villa Wood: A Modern Wooden Sustainable House in Copenhagen

Villa Wood in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a modern wooden house that is a perfect example of how to live and build sustainably. Designed by Nord Architects in 2019, this ‘living laboratory’ of modern and sustainable building types aims to have a low climate footprint, but maximum impact on life quality and a healthy indoor climate.

With CLT elements in mass-timber, Villa Wood can be customized to meet the needs of different families with varying living patterns and preferences. This house is also designed for disassembly, so all parts are potentially destined for reuse.

La Cadrée Perchée by L’Empreinte Design Architecture

La Cadrée Perchée by L’Empreinte Design Architecture

La Cadrée Perchée, designed by L’Empreinte Design Architecture in 2022, is a modern and sustainable house located in Morin-Heights, Canada.

This 8-room, 2,100-square-foot (195.1 m2) residence, nestled in a maple grove on the slopes of the scenic Laurentians mountains, creates the perfect balance between nature and modern living. With generous windows and a low-profile kitchen, the house offers sublime views of the surrounding forest and Lac Franc. The raw woodwork and concrete floors give the house an inviting, cozy atmosphere, and the two terraces offer an enhanced indoor-outdoor experience.

La Cadrée Perchée provides an ideal escape from city life, perfect for those seeking a connection with nature and a haven for relaxation.

House Zero by Lake|Flato Architects

FeaturedHouse Zero by Lake|Flato Architects

Situated in Austin, Texas, House Zero is the first project of ICON’s Exploration Series, a series of homes designed with world-class architects that explore the creative possibilities of large-scale 3D printing. This single-family house, designed by the award-winning firm, Lake|Flato Architects, is 2,000+ sq-ft (185.8 sq-m) and features a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath home and a 350 sq-ft (32.5 sq-m), 1 bedroom/1 bath accessory dwelling unit.

Boasting a unique 3d printed wall system, House Zero is an energy efficient, climate-responsive structure that provides both flexibility and permanence, perfect for families looking to settle down in one of America’s most beloved cities.