November House: Integrating Nature and Design in Valencia

November House by ERRE arquitectura, located in Valencia, Spain, is a testament to thoughtful design in 2022. This house merges privacy with the beauty of natural light and outdoor spaces. With its dual-volume structure, it perfectly distinguishes day zones from peaceful night areas, enhancing the connection to its wooded environment and maximizing serene views.

A modern, single-story home with large windows, a covered porch, and lush landscaping.

A Harmony of Light and Space

November House stands as a beacon of modern architecture that masterfully addresses the challenge of integrating living spaces with nature. This Valencia-based project by ERRE arquitectura is more than a residence; it’s a serene retreat crafted in 2022. Enveloped by lush woodland, the house showcases seamless indoor-outdoor synergy, emphasizing privacy yet openness. The architects’ solution? A dual-volume design that intuitively separates daytime activities from nighttime rest.

Contemporary home showcases modern architecture with warm wood accents and lush landscaping.

Design That Speaks

The daytime area, characterized by its horizontal layout, extends along the sunny southern side. This strategic orientation ensures that natural light bathes the core living spaces. Continuous windows blur the boundaries with nature, extending the living areas onto covered porches at either end. Contrastingly, the night zone rises in the cooler, northern part. This two-story volume safeguards privacy with a subtle selection of openings, connecting occupants to the exterior without compromise.

Sleek modern living space with wood-paneled ceiling, fireplace, and large windows overlooking nature.

Connecting Volumes

Where these two realms meet, an intermediate structure serves as both foyer and bridge, enhancing the flow between public and secluded zones. This element, though smaller, is pivotal, facilitating effortless movement within the November House.

Modern living room with wood-paneled walls, built-in media unit, and large windows overlooking a garden.

Landscaping as a Design Element

Landscaping plays a critical role here. The existing trees were preserved, while native species were introduced, creating immersive paths that invite exploration. This thoughtful integration of flora complements the architectural vision, making November House a holistic experience.

Modern living room with minimalist furniture, wood paneled ceiling, and green living wall.

In essence, November House exemplifies how architecture can foster a deep connection with nature through innovative design, strategic orientation, and harmonious materiality. This is a space where light, nature, and architectural ingenuity converge to create a tranquil living environment.

Modern, open-plan living space with wooden ceiling, floral accent wall, and minimalist furnishings.
Minimalist interior with a striking staircase feature and contrasting wood paneling.
A modern, minimalist interior with large windows overlooking a lush, natural landscape.
Minimalist entryway with textured stone wall, wicker chair, and geometric metal divider.
A modern, minimalist architectural design featuring a sleek exterior and a lush, well-manicured landscape.
Modern, minimalist house with clean lines, large overhanging roof, and natural landscaping.
A modern concrete and wood structure with lush landscaping and exterior lighting.
Contemporary concrete and wood home exterior with illuminated entryway and landscaped garden.

Photography by Jorge Peiró
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- by Matt Watts