Estoril Villa by Gavinho

Immerse yourself in the luxurious serenity of Estoril Villa, a three-story residence majestically nestled in Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal. This exquisite home, designed by the acclaimed Gavinho Architecture & Interiors, is a perfect blend of sober architecture and angular shapes, all encased within a striking glass facade that mirrors the shifting moods and hues of the sky.

Its expansive indoor spaces bathe in natural light, contrasted beautifully with an idyllic outdoor area complete with a charming garden and a refreshing swimming pool. Revel in the villa’s harmonious design that embraces neutral tones, comfortable materials, and simple yet sculptural furniture.

All this in Estoril, a location world-renowned for its fairytale-like beauty and iconic Casino Estoril, one of Europe’s largest casinos.

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About Estoril Villa

The Unique Estoril Villa: A Union of Sublime Architecture and Natural Ambience

The Estoril villa, distinguished by its restrained architecture and angular design, impresses with a vast glass facade that functions like a vibrant canvas, capturing the ever-changing hues and moods of the embracing sky.

The Harmonious Fusion of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Balancing both solidity and lightness, this residence serenely blurs the lines between its indoor and outdoor environments. It is nestled within a captivating garden and is enlivened by a swimming pool that basks under the late-summer sun.

The Exquisite Interior Design by Gavinho Architecture & Interiors

Gavinho Architecture & Interiors masterfully crafted the villa’s interior with a tranquil and timeless design. Flourishing with abundant natural light, the interior features expansive spaces and attention-grabbing details. This residence sports simple yet sculptural furniture, neutral tones, and cozy materials, all combining to create a harmonious living space.

Photography by José Ferrão

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- by Matt Watts