B/W Residence: Contrasting Monochrome Design in Bangkok

Situated in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand, the B/W Residence showcases the exceptional design prowess of ACA Architects. Characterized by a distinct, discrete, and delicate aesthetic, this modern house was thoughtfully crafted to meet the homeowners’ desires for spaciousness, privacy, and a departure from traditional warm-toned interiors.

Leveraging the existing structure of an original house on a 3,200 sqm plot, the design team skillfully expanded the living space, adding a living room, master bedroom, and parking garage while maintaining a seamless connection to the lush garden and outdoor pool.

Modern building with sleek lines, glass panels, and a large tree in the foreground.
Elegant modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, sleek furniture, and striking lighting fixture.
Spacious living room with sleek gray walls, large windows, and an intricate chandelier.
Spacious open-concept living area with modern furniture, high ceilings, and abundant natural light.
Spacious modern kitchen and dining area with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a pool.
Sleek, modern kitchen and dining area with gray furniture, wine shelves, and minimalist decor.
Minimalist kitchen with sleek black cabinets, light countertop, and modern bar stools.
Modern and sleek foyer with minimalist design, wood and concrete accents, and a striking staircase.
Striking modern staircase with wooden treads, glass railings, and textured walls.
Minimalist interior with wooden stairs, gray wall panels, and sleek furniture pieces.
Dark, modern bedroom with sleek furniture, recessed lighting, and a large window providing natural illumination.
Sleek, modern bathroom with minimalist design, freestanding tub, and recessed lighting.
Sleek modern bathroom with minimalist black and white design, open glass shower.
Spacious modern bathroom with minimalist design, recessed lighting, and marble countertop.
A modern, minimalist architectural design featuring clean lines, varied textures, and lush greenery.
Sleek, modern home with a striking dark exterior and integrated car garage.

About B/W Residence

Redefining Luxury and Privacy: The B/W Residence

In the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, the B/W Residence stands as a testament to the remarkable fusion of modernism and timeless elegance. Designed by the acclaimed ACA Architects, this 3,200 sq. m. (34,444 sq. ft.) house embodies the essence of “Distinct – Discrete – Delicate,” captivating all who encounter it.

Preserving the Past, Shaping the Future

The project’s design journey began with the existing house structure, which the homeowners sought to transform into a space that exuded modern character, spaciousness, and unparalleled privacy. ACA Architects conducted a meticulous survey of the original framework, strategically preserving the foundation while expanding the living areas with new additions, including a captivating living room, a serene master bedroom, and a convenient parking garage.

Proportion and Materiality: A Delicate Balance

The design concept masterfully explores the interplay of proportions, with walls of varying widths, lengths, and heights defining the spaces and creating a unique, open atmosphere. This seamless connection between the interior and the lush garden, complete with an alluring outdoor swimming pool, ensures a harmonious integration of indoor and outdoor living.

Embracing a Modern Aesthetic

Driven by the homeowners’ desire to depart from the warm-colored wood of their past, the B/W Residence embraces a bold, monochromatic palette. Aluminum screens, steel, and dark-colored wood are expertly combined, evoking a sense of lightness that contrasts the solid and void composition of the building. This carefully curated material selection not only achieves a modern appearance but also aligns with the homeowners’ lifestyle and preferences, resulting in a timeless design that captivates the senses.

Conclusion: A Residential Masterpiece

The B/W Residence is a remarkable achievement in architectural design, blending the past and present seamlessly to create a modern sanctuary that exudes exclusivity and privacy. ACA Architects’ masterful approach has transformed this property into a true gem, a place where the homeowners can indulge in the ultimate luxury of refined living.

Photography courtesy of ACA Architects
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- by Matt Watts