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Lookout House: Exposed Concrete Meets Natural Light

Modern concrete structure with clean lines, greenery, and a person on the rooftop.

Discover Valencia’s captivating Lookout House, a 2022 creation by ERRE arquitectura. Perfectly poised in Spain’s serene outskirts, this property embodies modern architecture with its exposed concrete structure that seamlessly blends with the natural terrain. Inside, the home’s layout maximizes natural light and fosters continuous indoor-outdoor connectivity with elegant cherry oak wood finishes and expansive glass openings. This house is a model of contemporary living enhanced by thoughtful landscape integration.

November House: Integrating Nature and Design in Valencia

FeaturedContemporary concrete and wood home exterior with illuminated entryway and landscaped garden.

November House by ERRE arquitectura, located in Valencia, Spain, is a testament to thoughtful design in 2022. This house merges privacy with the beauty of natural light and outdoor spaces. With its dual-volume structure, it perfectly distinguishes day zones from peaceful night areas, enhancing the connection to its wooded environment and maximizing serene views.