Lookout House: Exposed Concrete Meets Natural Light

Discover Valencia’s captivating Lookout House, a 2022 creation by ERRE arquitectura. Perfectly poised in Spain’s serene outskirts, this property embodies modern architecture with its exposed concrete structure that seamlessly blends with the natural terrain. Inside, the home’s layout maximizes natural light and fosters continuous indoor-outdoor connectivity with elegant cherry oak wood finishes and expansive glass openings. This house is a model of contemporary living enhanced by thoughtful landscape integration.

Modern concrete structure with clean lines, greenery, and a person on the rooftop.
Minimalist concrete structure with stone facade and recessed entryway, showcasing modern design.
The image showcases a modern, minimalist interior design with a striking wooden ceiling and built-in kitchen cabinets.
Minimalist living room with stone wall, wooden ceiling, and built-in shelving.
A modern interior with a wooden ceiling, stone walls, and a large glass window overlooking a picturesque landscape.
Minimalist kitchen design with clean lines, stone walls, and a black countertop.
Dramatic vaulted wooden ceiling and stone columns frame an expansive outdoor view.
Landscaped garden with a modern concrete footbridge overlooking a scenic vista.
A modern, minimalist stone and concrete structure with a clean, architectural design.
A modern, single-story building perched atop a rocky hillside, surrounded by lush greenery.

About Lookout House

Architectural Harmony with Nature

Nestled on Valencia’s outskirts, the Lookout House by ERRE arquitectura stands as a testament to thoughtful design in 2022. Seamlessly merging with the terrain, the residence boasts a single volume that respects its steep site. This home demonstrates an elegant restraint with its exposed concrete, chosen for both its aesthetic and enduring qualities. Visitors are greeted by a façade that embraces the natural surroundings, balancing transparency with the solid, steadfast beauty of stone.

A Tranquil Transition to Interiors

Stepping inside, the fluid transition from outdoors to the interior is striking. Expansive areas open up to the landscape through towering glass panels, blurring the lines between built and natural environments. Cherry oak wood and natural stone ooze warmth, complemented by the cool precision of ceramic floors. This material palette extends outside, strengthening the bond between interior and exterior spaces.

Effortlessly, the kitchen reveals itself as the heart of the home. It pairs sleek, modern cabinetry with a stone backdrop, inviting natural elements inside. A large ceiling stretches overhead, its wooden slats reminiscent of the landscape’s linear patterns. This continuity is key to the home’s serene ambiance.

Spaces Crafted for Experience

As we move through the residence, each space articulates its own relationship with light and landscape. The living area is anchored by a minimalist fireplace, adjacent to a discreet shelving unit, all framed by the natural tapestry of the outdoors. The porous boundary between the indoor and the terrace opens up, setting the stage for endless vistas and soul-nourishing contemplation. It’s here that residents find a sanctuary designed not just for living, but for experiencing life in harmony with nature’s rhythms.

Photography by David Zarzoso
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- by Matt Watts