CH2404: Redefining Modern Living Spaces in Taipei

Discover CH2404, a pinnacle of modern apartment design in Taipei, Taiwan, crafted by C.H. Interior. This property exemplifies contemporary elegance, integrating seamless functionality within its spacious interiors. Light floods the open-plan living spaces, punctuated by sleek, minimalist decor and top-notch amenities that promise both comfort and luxury. Ideal for those who appreciate refined urban living with a serene, stylish backdrop.

Modern minimalist interior with neutral tones, sleek furniture, and built-in shelving.
Modern, minimalist living room with sleek furniture, pendant lights, and wood floors.
Minimalist living room with a round table, pendant lights, and built-in storage.
Minimalist kitchen with clean lines, neutral tones, and modern built-in cabinetry.
Cozy bedroom with neutral tones, floating nightstand, and minimalist light fixture.
Minimalist bedroom with clean lines, wood furnishings, and a vase of greenery on the desk.
A minimalist bathroom with a modern oval sink, illuminated mirror, and shelving.
Minimalist white exterior with vertical slats, potted plants, and a person entering the building.

About CH2404

An Architectural Journey Through CH2404

Nestled in the bustling heart of Taipei, Taiwan lies CH2404, a testament to modern living by C.H. Interior. The apartment’s facade, crisp and contemporary, hints at the meticulous design within.

Seamless Interiors: Where Function Meets Elegance

Step inside and the living space unfurls with soft neutrals and warm wooden accents. Light floods the open-plan area, where a plush sofa invites relaxation and a sleek TV console houses modern amenities. Here, residents enjoy tranquility alongside urban convenience.

Transitioning into the dining area, functionality marries minimalist design. The strategic placement of pendant lighting and a large, oval table anchors the room, perfect for both intimate meals and entertaining guests.

The dialogue between spaces continues as one glides into the kitchen. Clean lines and uncluttered surfaces dominate, with built-in cabinetry offering ample storage. Modern appliances are integrated seamlessly, affirming the apartment’s commitment to contemporary living standards.

Personal Sanctuaries: Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Retreat to the bedroom where serenity takes precedence. Focused lighting and a muted palette create an ambiance of calm repose, while thoughtful furnishings ensure comfort is at the forefront.

Adjacent, a workspace nestles by the window, offering a tranquil spot for contemplation or creativity. The simplicity and elegance of the design reinforce an atmosphere of unadorned sophistication.

Finally, the bathroom exudes a spa-like tranquility with its subdued, tactile finishes, and minimalist fixtures. A balanced use of natural and artificial light complements the serene aesthetic, rounding off the CH2404 experience.

From the engaging exterior to the cohesive interior narrative, CH2404 beckons with its harmonious design, encapsulating the essence of modern Taipei living.

Photography courtesy of C.H. Interior
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- by Matt Watts