Fu Zhou Apartment by Alex Xie

Fu Zhou Apartment is a contemporary home located in Fu Zhou, China, designed in 2017 by Alex Xie.

Contemporary living room with sleek marble accents and geometric furniture.
Contemporary living room with sleek black walls, marble accents, and designer furniture.
Contemporary living room with dark wood tones, geometric shapes, and plush seating.
Contemporary living room with sleek black staircase and neutral tones.
Modern living room with sleek furniture, wood paneling, and floor-to-ceiling
Contemporary dining room with marble table and unique pendant light.
Chic dining area with marble walls and sleek furniture.
Sleek home office with dark shelving, herringbone floor, and
Minimalist bedroom with a blue headboard and striped bedding.
Contemporary bedroom with a geometric blue wall art.
Modern bathroom with round sink, dark wood features, and large windows.

About Fu Zhou Apartment

Embrace the Intrigue of Monochrome

The Allure of Black, White, and Gray

Far from being nondescript, black, white, and gray epitomize allure. The depth of black, the purity of white, and gray’s balance hide a deeper craving. Together, they craft a space that resonates with both warmth and aloofness, akin to a poem of contrasting temperatures.

Designing with Emotion and Memory

A well-designed modern space boldly displays dark, unadorned walls and raw bark, celebrating natural beauty. Every material tells a story, carrying unique emotions and memories. Skillfully, designers weave these narratives into the fabric of the space, creating a rich, emotional landscape.

Touches of sunny yellow add both simplicity and warmth. The lazy sunlight bathing a Togo chair invites relaxation and joy. Natural wood flooring, laid in irregular blocks, injects fun, while a breeze through white shutters adds a flirtatious note. The large windows frame the lush outdoors perfectly, and a hint of fragrance gently fills the air.

Redefining Spaces with Innovative Elements

Staircases forego traditional design, opting for sleek gray-blue handrails that exude calm and restraint. Large stones ensure continuity across floors, transforming the space into a soulful haven. Steel partitions between dining and living areas serve a dual purpose: adding fun and directing natural light to the staircase.

Luxury and Light: Gold and Glass Accents

Gold, this year’s favorite, injects a luxurious romanticism into the neutral palette. Rose gold shines with sophistication, while Carrara white marble tables add an elegant, serene touch. Black shelves, classic and commanding, offer a mature charm that’s irresistibly attractive.

Designers prefer glass and steel over traditional walls, inviting light to dance through corridors and staircases. This choice emphasizes openness and a connection with the outdoors.

Functional Elegance in Personal Spaces

The bathroom links to the cloakroom, cleverly maximizing space. This layout also separates wet and dry areas, easing daily routines. The children’s room, painted in soothing blues and beiges, inspires purity and curiosity. Accents in agate blue add vitality, breaking monotony.

As Andersen believed, life requires sunshine, freedom, and the scent of flowers. Lying in a ligne Roset bed on a leisurely weekend, one can appreciate the beauty of life. Gray-toned curtains and chiffon set a scene of elegance, creating a serene, poetic space where light and shadow play.

Photography by Li Di

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- by Matt Watts