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November House: Integrating Nature and Design in Valencia

FeaturedContemporary concrete and wood home exterior with illuminated entryway and landscaped garden.

November House by ERRE arquitectura, located in Valencia, Spain, is a testament to thoughtful design in 2022. This house merges privacy with the beauty of natural light and outdoor spaces. With its dual-volume structure, it perfectly distinguishes day zones from peaceful night areas, enhancing the connection to its wooded environment and maximizing serene views.

M2 Country House: Discover Israel’s Unique Family Retreat

FeaturedSpacious, minimalist living room with wooden and glass elements, built-in shelves.

Discover the M2 Country House in Israel, designed by Raz Melamed for seamless living and hosting. This modern home, perfect for a couple and their visiting family, blends sophisticated design with functionality, featuring a central patio for year-round entertainment, accessible spaces, and a stunning outdoor kitchen and pool, all while prioritizing natural light and the integration of nature with luxurious living.

Archipelago Villa: AGi Architects’ Masterpiece in Spain

A modern single-story home with a prominent wooden awning and lush landscaping.

Discover Archipelago Villa, designed by AGi Architects in 2023, nestled in Madrid, Spain. This unique house redefines family living through its island concept, offering personalized spaces linked by communal areas. Each “island” within the home distinctively connects with its own garden, promoting a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. This design not only fosters autonomy and privacy but also integrates the surrounding nature, making the villa a modern architectural marvel.

Luz: Exploring iHouse’s Vision of Modern Uruguayan Living

Contemporary living space with slatted wood ceiling and sleek kitchen.

Designed by iHouse in 2022, Luz is a stunning house located in Montevideo, Uruguay’s Carrasco heritage district. This one-level, modern home features four bedrooms, an office, gym, and playroom, dedicated to combining private and social spaces with a seamless flow. Embracing traditional construction, its design maximizes the 250 square meters (2,690 square feet) of living space with a minimalist interior that complements the robust, low-maintenance exterior.