P56 Villa: Travertine-Clad Luxury House in Dubai Hills Estate

Designed by Atelier Design N Domain, the P56 Villa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, showcases a captivating blend of modern architecture and cultural influences. This premium house, nestled within the Dubai Hills residential development, presents a monolithic cubist aesthetic, with a façade clad in beige grey travertine marble slabs and restricted openings that reflect an introverted approach. The design celebrates the interplay of light and shadow, with a custom-designed metal screen shielding the double-height entrance lobby from the excessive sunlight.

A modern, monumental concrete building with intricate facade patterns and landscaped surroundings.
Lavish living room with plush leather furniture, dramatic lighting, and lush greenery.
Sleek modern interior with lustrous marble floor, metallic accent table, and striking pampas grass display.
Modern luxury lobby with sleek marble flooring, textured wood paneling, and decorative glass dividers.
Contemporary open-plan interior with sleek furniture, geometric patterns, and modern lighting.
Luxurious dining area with ornate gold screen, marble floors, and plush burgundy chairs.
Luxurious modern living room with sleek furniture, statement chandeliers, and a striking abstract artwork.
Luxurious bedroom with a striking chandelier, dark wood paneling, and a grand bed frame.
Sleek, modern bathroom with dark wood paneling, round mirror, and minimalist fixtures.
A modern architectural building with a geometric facade, surrounded by potted plants.

About P56 Villa

Situated in Dubai’s vibrant Hills development, the Golyan House is a captivating villa project. Moreover, it was designed in 2022 by the renowned Atelier Design N Domain. Furthermore, this private residence showcases a striking blend of modern design and traditional Islamic influences.

A Cubist Exterior, A Harmonious Embrace

Adorned in beige-grey travertine marble slabs, the Golyan House presents a monolithic cubist aesthetic. Additionally, the restricted openings on the front façade reflect an introverted approach. However, the side-positioned main entrance, with its double-height glazing, creates a captivating contrast.

Tranquil Interiors, Seamless Transitions

The expansive lobby features travertine cladding, ensuring a seamless transition from the exterior. Moreover, a dramatic zigzag staircase, wrapped in warm wooden paneling, leads to the upper floors. Additionally, the formal living and dining spaces are separated by a custom-designed metal screen, opening to a private garden and pool deck.

Harmonious Spaces, Minimalist Elegance

On the opposite side of the lobby, the puja room, family living space, and private study are united by dark wood paneling. Furthermore, the minimalist kitchen seamlessly integrates with these areas. Upstairs, the bedrooms are designed for comfort and understated sophistication.

Basement Oasis: Leisure and Relaxation

Accessible from the staircase, the basement houses a media lounge with a sunken open-to-sky court. This space not only brings natural light but also provides direct access from the entrance drop-off. Additionally, the basement includes utility areas, creating a harmonious balance between functionality and leisure.

A Bold Statement of Architectural Artistry

Overall, the Golyan House showcases a restrained use of materials, resulting in a bold architectural expression and interior aesthetic. Furthermore, this project exemplifies the fusion of modern design and traditional Islamic influences, creating a unique and captivating residential experience.

Photography courtesy of Atelier Design N Domain
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- by Matt Watts