Little Peek by Berman Horn Studio

Welcome to Little Peek, a stunning modern retreat tucked away on the idyllic island of Vinalhaven, Maine, USA. Designed by Berman Horn Studio in 2019, this exquisite vacation house offers only teasing glimpses of its beauty as one approaches, adding to the allure of the journey.

Offering splendid views of the ocean, Camden Hills, and untouched wild landscapes, this contemporary take on the classic New England farmhouse showcases the harmonious blend of nature and modern design. So, whether you are relishing an evening under Maine’s mesmerizing skies in the custom-designed porch or admiring the locally crafted cedar shingle exterior that recalls Maine’s historic barns, Little Peek promises a truly immersive experience.

Step inside and experience a symphony of modest details, rich textiles, and clean lines that highlight the beauty of the local surroundings in a minimalistic yet impactful style.

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About Little Peek

An Overview of the Rocky Outcropping Gem

Resting atop a rugged rock formation that overlooks an idyllic island cove, the project we’re featuring derives its name from its exceptional location. As one ascends the winding path from the water, the house reveals itself only in fleeting glimpses, intriguing the observer and adding an air of mystery.

Contemporary Reimagination of the New England Farmhouse

Our project presents a modern take on the classic New England farmhouse. Perfectly aligned to make the most of its surroundings, this elongated structure gazes westward towards the ocean, north towards the Camden Hills, and eastward to untouched berry bushes and fern meadows. The design harmoniously weaves together a main house, a charming guest house, and a custom-designed screened porch that binds the two.

The Screened Porch: A Space of Unity and Enjoyment

The porch, establishing a shared external space and showcasing the ocean and landscape views, extends the roofline to meld the two houses into one. Architects purposefully designed this screened porch system for this setting, allowing residents to revel in Maine’s enchanting evenings within a secure enclosure. Here, one can indulge in lengthy chats, dine late, and stargaze, while remaining shielded. As winter approaches, the screens are seasonally removed, leaving behind a slender metal frame.

Echoes of Tradition in Contemporary Design

The house’s exterior, adorned in locally crafted silvery cedar shingles, comes from a small, family-owned mill in Maine. The gray wood echoes the numerous historic barns scattered along the Maine coast and countryside, forming a bridge between this modern home and the region’s traditional farm buildings.

Interior Design: A Symphony of Elements

Inside the whitewashed interior, a conscious decision was made to minimize the visual presence of wood. This allows nature to take center stage, entering freely through the expansive industrial windows, and highlighting the textures and colors of the surrounding stone, huckleberry, bay, and lichen. The simple and minimalist details reflect the clean American Shaker aesthetic. The interiors juxtapose a curated blend of American and French antiques and textiles with the clean lines and fun finishes of late 20th century design. The vibrant colors and painted surfaces provide a warm counterpoint to the ever-evolving outdoor vista.

Photography courtesy of Berman Horn Studio

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- by Matt Watts