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Tree House: A Minimalist Retreat in Indiana’s Dunes

Modern cubic house with white facade amidst green trees with red car parked underneath.

Explore the Tree House, dSPACE Studio‘s 2022 creation in Beverly Shores, Indiana, USA. This minimalist vacation retreat, set within the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, offers a harmonious blend with its environment. Its vertical architecture provides stunning views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline, while prioritizing sustainability with features like radiant floor heating and LED lighting.

Experience luxury and eco-conscious design in perfect unison.

Casa la Chinita: A Circular Vision in Chile’s Desert Oasis

Modern wooden house with large glass doors surrounded by native plants.

Discover Casa la Chinita in Chile’s IV Region, a retreat designed in 2021 by DX Arquitectos. This vacation house beautifully blurs the lines between inside and out, inspired by unity and the surrounding wild Pacific. Its central terrace and cleverly hidden intimate spaces create a unique experience, harmonizing with the natural elements of the Atacama Desert gateway.

Pingüino House: Contemporary Leisure Meets Tradition

Pingüino House: Contemporary Leisure Meets Tradition

In the bustling tourist town of Cariló, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Estudio Galera introduces the Pingüino House. As a contemporary vacation house, this 2022 architectural masterpiece prioritizes flexible living spaces and evolving needs over traditional design norms.

Steeped in the woodwork heritage of Pinamar city, it showcases a fresh take on design while echoing the region’s deep-rooted aesthetics.

Residence of the Boss: Celebrating Sicilian Culture in Modern Design

Residence of the Boss: Celebrating Sicilian Culture in Modern Design

Dive into the allure of Residence of the Boss, Pucciocollodoro Architetti‘s newest masterpiece located in Palermo, the vibrant heart of Sicily, Italy.

Transformed into an exquisite holiday home, this architectural jewel merges contemporary flair with classic Sicilian tradition, boasting a design that spans 35 square meters (377 square feet) of pure elegance and efficiency.

Coral House: A Coastal Sanctuary in Maui

FeaturedCoral House: A Coastal Sanctuary in Maui

Embark on a visual journey of the Coral House, a remarkable vacation home designed by de Reus Architects in 2022. Nestled in Maui County, Hawaii, this sanctuary ingeniously blends contemporary design with the area’s unique coastal charm. Boasting of a minimalist aesthetic, the home celebrates a harmonious relationship with nature, optimal living spaces, and culturally rich interior detailing, while setting the bar high with its LEED Silver certification.

Pinwheel: Jacopo Mascheroni’s Prefab Masterpiece

Pinwheel: Jacopo Mascheroni’s Prefab Masterpiece

Unveiling the Pinwheel: a masterpiece of prefab design, brought to life in the picturesque hills of Luino, Italy. In just six months, designer Jacopo Mascheroni has curated a custom, one-story wood house that harmonizes effortlessly with the breathtaking surrounds of Lake Maggiore.

Harnessing the principles of futuristic architecture, Pinwheel is an ode to efficient design, blending seamlessly into the verdant oak forests that mark the region’s Swiss border.

House of Mountain Birds: Chaoffice’s Mountain Retreat

House of Mountain Birds: Chaoffice’s Mountain Retreat

Welcome to the House of Mountain Birds, a vacation retreat nestled in Beijing’s mountains, designed by the creative team at Chaoffice. This dynamic project transforms a compact 100 square meter site (around 1076 square feet) into a 165 square meter sanctuary (around 1776 square feet), that merges nature with innovative design.

The home’s distinctive design dissolves boundaries and brings inhabitants closer to the natural world, offering breathtaking views and intimate connections with the surrounding wilderness.