Deepvilla by Atrey & Associates

Welcome to a tour of Deepvilla, a sophisticated villa nestled in the heart of New Delhi, India. Designed by the adept Atrey & Associates in 2019, this three-story architectural gem perfectly marries contemporary elegance with functional luxury. Set against the dense urban backdrop of Delhi, known for its rich cultural heritage and bustling city life, Deepvilla stands out as a unique landmark.

The design showcases an adroit blend of modern Western influences and sensitivity to the local physical and social context. Its breathtaking form, comprising a series of stacked planes marked by rounded edges and sharp angles, offers a visually striking experience, all while serving a practical purpose with the inclusion of well-appointed balconies and terraces.

Be prepared to explore the grandeur of this architecturally progressive property that shines with luxurious appeal in every corner.

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About Deepvilla

Deep Villa: A Remarkable Architectural Feat in Delhi

Standing proudly amidst the dense urban outskirts of Delhi, Deep Villa doesn’t merely exist, it asserts itself as a distinct architectural landmark.

A Blend of Modernity, Global Influences, and Local Sensitivity

Deep Villa’s design embodies modernity and globalization, serving as a testimony to the assimilation of contemporary Western influences. Yet, it retains its roots, demonstrating a keen sensitivity to its physical environment, its socio-cultural context, and the aspirations of urban society.

The Intricacy of Form: Function meets Drama

The form of Deep Villa is a fascinating series of stacked planes, with rounded edges juxtaposed against sharp angles. These elements don’t just contribute to a dramatic visual experience; they serve a functional purpose, carving out enclosures that transform into balconies and terraces.

Harnessing Natural Light and Incorporating Green Spaces

With an intelligent understanding of its orientation, the design of Deep Villa exploits natural light. Strategic voids and openings punctuate the structure, inviting sunlight into the space. Some of these voids don a green avatar, effortlessly converting into verdant spaces.

Luxury and Modern Aesthetics Embodied in Material Choices

The client’s desire for a modern aesthetic and luxury is brilliantly manifested in the choice of materials used in Deep Villa. The interiors, customized to the last detail, present a seamless design language where furniture, sculptures, and artwork harmonize perfectly.

A Symphony of Sophistication: White Corian, Thermo Ash, and Concrete

The use of three core materials – white corian, thermo ash, and concrete, infuse the Villa with sophistication, enhancing its luxurious appeal.

Accentuating Architectural Form through Planned Lighting

Finally, Deep Villa’s architectural form gets a further boost with strategically planned lighting on the facade. This feature not only enhances the visual appeal of the structure but also magnifies its compelling presence in the urban landscape.

Photography courtesy of Atrey & Associates

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- by Matt Watts