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Little Peek by Berman Horn Studio

Little Peek by Berman Horn Studio

Welcome to Little Peek, a stunning modern retreat tucked away on the idyllic island of Vinalhaven, Maine, USA. Designed by Berman Horn Studio in 2019, this exquisite vacation house offers only teasing glimpses of its beauty as one approaches, adding to the allure of the journey.

Offering splendid views of the ocean, Camden Hills, and untouched wild landscapes, this contemporary take on the classic New England farmhouse showcases the harmonious blend of nature and modern design. So, whether you are relishing an evening under Maine’s mesmerizing skies in the custom-designed porch or admiring the locally crafted cedar shingle exterior that recalls Maine’s historic barns, Little Peek promises a truly immersive experience.

Step inside and experience a symphony of modest details, rich textiles, and clean lines that highlight the beauty of the local surroundings in a minimalistic yet impactful style.

Retreat on a Pond’s Edge by Elliott + Elliott Architecture

FeaturedRetreat on a Pond’s Edge by Elliott + Elliott Architecture

Discover the Retreat on a Pond’s Edge, a hidden gem in Maine, United States. Designed by the renowned Elliott + Elliott Architecture, this contemporary retreat is set amidst dense forest, a stone’s throw from a tranquil pond.

Offering an intimate communion with nature, the design balances secrecy with stunning views, creating a serene escape that encapsulates the charm of the Maine landscape.