House on an Island by Elliott Architects

House on an Island is a modern interpretation of New England farm vernacular designed in 2017 by Elliott Architects.


Located on a small island off the coast of Maine, this project is a modern interpretation of New England farm vernacular. It is rooted in the traditional hierarchical relationship between the prominent white clapboard farmhouse and the less adorned, shingled outbuildings. In order to accommodate multiple generations of the family, the main farmhouse was given over completely to the young parents and grandchildren, and the new house was designed as the private space for the matriarch.

The new house is small and efficient, but comfortable enough for year-round use, something that the old farmhouse, with its electric heat and poor insulation, lacks. Between the two buildings, a common area of outdoor lawn spaces and decks was created, along with a screened porch that serves as a gathering place, and dining area, and a privacy screen.

Photography by Jeff Roberts

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- by Matt Watts

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