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Apartment in a Tower: Elliott Architects’ NY Masterpiece

Contemporary dining room with geometric wall art and circular pendant light.

Discover Apartment in a Tower, a 2017 project by Elliott Architects located in New York, NY. This luxury apartment combines modern design with unique views of the city, setting a new standard for urban living. In a city known for its skyline, this project stands out by offering not just a place to live, but an experience, tailored by one of the leading architectural firms.

Old Yacht Club Transformation: A Modern Homage to Coastal Heritage

FeaturedLakeside house with large windows and a chimney, overlooking a boat on the

Discover the transformation of the Old Yacht Club into a breathtaking private residence by Elliott Architects in Blue Hill, ME. Originally built in 1919, this coastal gem combines the building’s historical essence with modern design elements, turning it into a unique home that pays homage to its past while providing contemporary living spaces and embracing the stunning sea vistas.

House on a Bay: Innovative Design Meets Natural Beauty

FeaturedCantilevered house with expansive glass windows amidst forest.

Discover the House on a Bay, a private residence designed by Elliott Architects in Southport, ME, United States, in 2022. This architectural gem stands as a testament to innovative design, seamlessly blending public and private spaces on a naturally tiered site. With the main living quarters elevated for privacy and grounded public areas offering stunning Atlantic views, the house showcases a remarkable balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. The use of natural light, concrete, and steel integrates the building into its wooded surroundings, making it a must-see example of contemporary architecture.