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BH Apartment: Timeless Elegance Amidst Kyiv’s Classical Architecture

Elegant living room with ornate crown molding, large windows, and eclectic furnishings.

Amidst the backdrop of Ukraine’s wartime challenges, the BH Apartment in Kyiv stands as a testament to the resilience of design. Crafted by the renowned Modektura Studio, this classical-inspired apartment seamlessly blends timeless elegance with mid-century modern charm. Situated within a historic 1900s building, the BH Apartment boasts a spacious corridor-gallery, a loggia, and a balcony that serve as the project’s architectural cornerstones, creating a cohesive and sophisticated living experience.

Busch Place: Seamless Pasadena Remodel Honors Killingsworth

Cozy modern living room with stone fireplace, plush seating, and expansive windows.

Ritual House, a leading architecture and interior design firm, has recently completed the stunning remodel of the private Busch Place residence in Pasadena, California, United States. This project involved seamlessly integrating a disjointed ’90s addition into the original design vision of renowned architect Edward Killingsworth. The result is a harmonious blend of contemporary and mid-century modern elements, creating a truly remarkable private house that showcases the exceptional design skills of Ritual House.

Casa Figueira: Mid-Century Brazilian Aesthetic in Sydney

Expansive indoor-outdoor living space with sleek wooden finishes and scenic water views.

Showcasing a harmonious blend of contemporary design and timeless elegance, Casa Figueira is a remarkable residential project nestled in the picturesque suburb of Rose Bay, Australia. Designed by the renowned architecture firm buckandsimple in 2020, this exquisite house seamlessly integrates with its surrounding landscape, centered around a century-old heritage-protected fig tree.

Featuring a meticulously crafted open-air living space and a thoughtful balance of robust materials, Casa Figueira exemplifies the pinnacle of modern Australian architecture.

Edmonds Midcentury Addition & Remodel by WAKEdesign

FeaturedModern kitchen and dining area with wood cabinetry, geometric tile backsplash, and gold accents.

Immerse yourself in the Edmonds Midcentury Addition & Remodel, a WAKEdesign masterpiece in Edmonds, Washington, that redefines the essence of midcentury architecture. This house, with its elegant interplay of vintage charm and modern sophistication, offers a living experience that’s both a nod to the past and a step into contemporary luxury. Its design, a celebration of open spaces and natural light, showcases how classic midcentury aesthetics can meet today’s functional elegance.

Rosegold Apartment: Blending Tradition with Modernity

Minimalist kitchen with marble backsplash and patterned tile floor.

Discover the seamless blend of history and modernity in Barcelona’s Rosegold Apartment. Designed by Raúl Sánchez Architects, this lovely home in the heart of Ensanche Derecho merges mid-century modern design with the traditional charm of ‘nolla’ mosaic flooring. Featuring a clever division that maximizes light and space, the apartment boasts two serene bedrooms, a spacious living area, and a kitchen adorned with rosegold finishes and Portuguese pink marble.

Step inside and experience the elegance of preserved wooden beams and the innovative use of materials that bridge the interior with the lush courtyard beyond.

Hills of Santa Barbara: A Mid-Century Modern Haven

Modern open-plan living space with wooden furniture and neutral tones.

The Hills of Santa Barbara home by Corinne Mathern Studio embodies the serene lifestyle of Santa Barbara, California, with a design that merges mid-century and contemporary elements.

Inspired by the peaceful ambiance of Kyoto’s Aman Hotel, this 2022 project for a young couple showcases an earthy palette and natural materials, offering a tribute to the stunning local landscape. Every detail, from custom furniture to curated artworks, enhances the home’s tranquil harmony and connection to nature.

Salsa Apartment: Where Midcentury Style Meets Bohemian Vibes

Elegant living room with modern furniture and green accents.

Salsa Apartment, a Jooca Studio creation in Bucharest, Romania, artfully combines the whimsy of boho style with the refined elegance of American transitional design. This residence delights with its symmetrical layout, captivating botanical motifs, and sun-soaked Spanish influences.

Unique features like reclaimed Transylvanian brick and azulejo-style tiles infuse character, while natural materials and lush plants create a tranquil ambiance. Tailored for an owner passionate about salsa dancing, this eclectic, midcentury space is a testament to personalized living elevated to an art form.