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Fenimore Road Renovation: Reviving a Mid-Century Masterpiece

Fenimore Road Renovation: Reviving a Mid-Century Masterpiece

Immerse yourself in the captivating story of the Fenimore Road Renovation. Overlooking a picturesque stream in Mamaroneck, New York, this mid-century house designed by the talented Resolution: 4 Architecture, was once an abandoned gem, forgotten and on the brink of demolition. Resurrected from its dilapidated state, it now pays tribute to its original designer, Frank Lloyd Wright’s protégé, Kaneji Domoto, while presenting a fresh and vibrant appeal for a contemporary family.

Bask in the seamless integration of old and new, with the original character preserved and the additions bringing in functional elegance.

Takoye: Experience Tranquil Mid-Century Living n Kyiv

Takoye: Experience Tranquil Mid-Century Living n Kyiv

Welcome to Takoye, a meticulously designed 430 square feet (40m2) mid-century apartment in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine. Envisioned by Between The Walls, this compact space brims with character, seamlessly merging contemporary art with family heirlooms and upcycled pieces. The absence of corridors amplifies the usability of the space, enabling an open-plan layout that beautifully interweaves the kitchen and guest room.

As an ode to natural materials, the interior features stone, tiles, and copious amounts of plywood, harmonizing with the serene, forest-adjacent location. Aesthetics aside, the apartment is ingeniously practical, boasting ample storage solutions and even a hidden sauna. A bespoke color palette of ultramarine and sky-blue graces the bathroom, while the presence of playful elements like a cat tunnel pays homage to the owner’s love for her feline companions.

Bonsall: A Malibu Farmhouse Reimagined for a Modern Lifestyle

FeaturedBonsall: A Malibu Farmhouse Reimagined for a Modern Lifestyle

Discover the rustic charm and modern elegance of Bonsall, a redesigned mid-century modern house by Kovac Design Studio, nestled in the picturesque Bonsall Canyon of Malibu, California.

This magnificent residence, thoughtfully remodeled in 2020, blends the bucolic allure of Belgian farmhouses with the vibrant indoor/outdoor lifestyle that Malibu is known for. Basking in the glow of Bonsall Canyon’s sublime light, the home offers wide sliding glass doors to dissolve the boundaries between indoors and the lush exterior, framing serene views of the mature oak and maple trees surrounding it. Combining sumptuous textures, meticulous craftsmanship, and modern amenities, this home creates a balance between old and new, providing a perfect setting for the contemporary family.

Wake Robin: Harmony of Mid-Century Design and Natural Beauty

FeaturedWake Robin: Harmony of Mid-Century Design and Natural Beauty

Uncover the allure of Wake Robin, a spectacular single-story house designed by renowned Prentiss + Balance + Wickline Architects. Nestled on Bainbridge Island, Washington – a haven known for its stunning natural beauty – this property is a shining example of mid-century architecture tailored to meet contemporary needs. The house’s unique design harmoniously integrates the structure with its verdant surroundings, creating a tranquil living space suffused with natural light.

Brought to life in 2021, Wake Robin’s design is elegantly woven with landscape-focused details, iconic patterns, and a distinct play of transparency and opacity, offering a dynamic and immersive living experience. Welcome to a tour of this gem.

Casa Con Alcova by Paolo Capriglione

Casa Con Alcova by Paolo Capriglione

Casa Con Alcova is an elegant mid-century apartment in the historic city of Piacenza, Italy, designed by Paolo Capriglione in 2021.

Located in the main floor of a palace, this real estate stands out for its unique plan design which is the result of a creative distributive invention, allowing for the optimal orientation of the kitchen and sleeping area. The master bedroom is adjacent to the living room, and the filter area between them is an elongated study, with worktops and bookcases. The bathroom has been entirely covered with a wallpaper depicting koi carp and a glass wall with a gradual satin finish from below, creating a striking “aquarium” effect. An alcove was also included to accommodate guest sleeping accommodations, while nature and greenery complete the interior and restore the home’s identity.