Edmonds Midcentury Addition & Remodel by WAKEdesign

Immerse yourself in the Edmonds Midcentury Addition & Remodel, a WAKEdesign masterpiece in Edmonds, Washington, that redefines the essence of midcentury architecture. This house, with its elegant interplay of vintage charm and modern sophistication, offers a living experience that’s both a nod to the past and a step into contemporary luxury. Its design, a celebration of open spaces and natural light, showcases how classic midcentury aesthetics can meet today’s functional elegance.

A modern home nestled in a lush, forested landscape with a sleek, open-concept design.
Sleek mid-century style kitchen with wood cabinetry, island seating, and large windows.
Modern open-concept kitchen with wood and stone accents, large windows, and a fireplace.
Large modern kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows offering scenic views, sleek appliances and cabinetry.
Sleek, modern kitchen with wood cabinets, geometric tiled backsplash, and stainless steel appliances.
Spacious, modern kitchen with wood beams, large windows, and an open dining area.
Modern kitchen and dining area with wood cabinetry, geometric tile backsplash, and gold accents.
Spacious modern dining area with large windows overlooking scenic landscape.
A modern, open-plan living space with wood paneling, large windows, and an outdoor view.
Spacious bedroom with large framed artwork, ceiling fan, and wooden furniture.
A modern bathroom with sleek wood cabinetry, a freestanding bathtub, and nature-inspired artwork.
A modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, floor-to-ceiling windows, and wood cabinetry.
Modern bathroom with sleek tiled walls, large window, freestanding tub, and gold fixtures.
A modern, glass-walled home nestled in a lush, wooded setting, with a covered patio and deck.
A modern, single-story home with large windows, a deck, and a lush, forested setting.

About Edmonds Midcentury

Welcome to the quintessence of midcentury modern design, where the Edmonds Midcentury Addition & Remodel by WAKEdesign stands as a paragon of timeless elegance fused with modern functionality. Nestled in the verdant locale of Edmonds, Washington, this exquisite house’s design pays homage to the iconic style of the mid-20th century, while adeptly catering to contemporary sensibilities.

A Harmonious Blend of Past and Present

As dusk unfurls its colors, the exterior of the home basks in the golden hour’s glow. A seamless transition from nature to the abode’s sleek lines invites guests inside. The structure’s flat planes and large glass windows articulate openness and an intimate connection with the surrounding greenery, embodying the midcentury’s architectural spirit.

Illuminating the Heart of the Home

Stepping inside, the kitchen — the heart of the home — exemplifies refined aesthetics and practical design. The expansive windows flood the space with natural light, while the smooth countertops and rich wood cabinetry resonate with WAKEdesign’s commitment to craftsmanship. Every corner is a testament to the house’s design lineage, thoughtfully upgraded for today’s lifestyle.

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area seamlessly connects, offering a space where functionality meets artistic flair. The furnishings echo the sleek lines and organic forms characteristic of the era, harmoniously blending with the modern finishes. This dining space serves not just as a place to gather, but as a living showcase of design history.

Transitioning into the living room, the fireplace anchors the space, surrounded by stone that stretches up, adding warmth and texture. The interior’s fluid layout encourages conversation and relaxation, with furnishings that speak to both comfort and style. It’s a room where each element is carefully chosen to complement the home’s architectural integrity.

Personal Sanctuaries

The bedrooms offer a tranquil retreat, where soft textures and a serene palette create a restful ambiance. Here, the blend of midcentury and contemporary design elements is nuanced, from the sleek lines of the furniture to the modern artwork that adorns the walls.

In the bathrooms, luxury and simplicity coexist. Clean lines, a soothing neutral color scheme, and golden fixtures reflect a spa-like quality. Views of the outdoors are framed like living paintings, ensuring a serene start to the day.

Finally, the culmination of indoor-outdoor living is epitomized on the deck, where the boundaries between inside and out blur. The deck is not merely an addition but an essential part of the living space, where one can fully immerse in the beauty of Edmonds, Washington.

Through this narrative, the Edmonds Midcentury Addition & Remodel by WAKEdesign reveals itself as more than just a living space. It is a carefully curated experience that honors its midcentury roots while embracing the comforts of modernity, a true gem in the realm of American architecture and design.

Photography by Missy Palacol Connell / JMC Visuals

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- by Matt Watts