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Sparling Residence: A Mid-Century Modern Gem in Oakville

FeaturedContemporary house with pool and wooden accents.

Discover the Sparling Residence in Oakville, Canada, a mid-century modern marvel designed by Carrothers + Assoc. in 2017. This private house perfectly melds wood, glass, and concrete, showcasing clean lines and elegant spaces that blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Experience the true essence of timeless design in this unique home, where every detail reflects sophisticated simplicity and modern comfort.

Hills of Santa Barbara: A Mid-Century Modern Haven

Modern open-plan living space with wooden furniture and neutral tones.

The Hills of Santa Barbara home by Corinne Mathern Studio embodies the serene lifestyle of Santa Barbara, California, with a design that merges mid-century and contemporary elements.

Inspired by the peaceful ambiance of Kyoto’s Aman Hotel, this 2022 project for a young couple showcases an earthy palette and natural materials, offering a tribute to the stunning local landscape. Every detail, from custom furniture to curated artworks, enhances the home’s tranquil harmony and connection to nature.

Residência Araucária: Mid-Century Charm in Brazil’s Guaporé

Modern home exterior with pool and hammock.

Embrace the elegance of Residência Araucária, a stunning example of mid-century modern design in Guaporé, Brazil. Crafted by VOO® Arquitetura e Engenharia in 2020, this single-story house harmoniously merges with its verdant surroundings.

Its unique location in a condominium near a green massif enhances its charm. The residence, a fusion of art and architecture, offers a tranquil retreat where indoor and outdoor spaces fluidly intertwine.

Mandeville Canyon Residence: 1950s Charm Reimagined

Modern single-story house with a white facade and landscaped driveway against a hillside

The Mandeville Canyon Residence in Los Angeles, California, reinvents a 1950’s single-family home with a sleek, modern touch by Mnichols Design. This mid-century house, a symbol of Los Angeles’ architectural heritage, now features an open layout brimming with natural light.

Integrating the once-neglected backyard, the residence expands its living space, blurring the indoor-outdoor divide. Redesigned in 2022, it offers grand, daylight-washed rooms that connect seamlessly with the environment.

Carmelo: Redefining Mid-Century Luxury

Modern house with large windows, stone walls, and a flat roof.

Discover Carmelo, a mid-century modern house in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, reimagined by Justin Pauly Architects in 2018.

This family heirloom, now welcoming its third generation, features revamped interiors with additional bedrooms and bathrooms for large gatherings. Its exterior, clad in Carmel stone and mahogany, complements the stunning ocean views, making “Carmelo” a perfect blend of elegance and functionality.

Great Room Eichler: Modernizing a Sunnyvale Classic

FeaturedGreat Room Eichler: Modernizing a Sunnyvale Classic

In the heart of Sunnyvale, California, an Eichler home known as the Great Room Eichler underwent a transformative redesign in 2020. Orchestrated by the talented Klopf Architecture, the renovation sought to reimagine disjointed spaces and enhance functionality without sacrificing the iconic atrium. The revamped design introduces a symmetrical great room, optimized skylights, and versatile living spaces that echo both the Eichler style and modern necessities.