Sparling Residence: A Mid-Century Modern Gem in Oakville

Discover the Sparling Residence in Oakville, Canada, a mid-century modern marvel designed by Carrothers + Assoc. in 2017. This private house perfectly melds wood, glass, and concrete, showcasing clean lines and elegant spaces that blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Experience the true essence of timeless design in this unique home, where every detail reflects sophisticated simplicity and modern comfort.

Contemporary house with pool and wooden accents.
Modern living room with sleek furniture and large windows.
Contemporary dining room with large windows, minimalist decor, and a central hanging light
Streamlined kitchen with island and bar stools.
Contemporary house with flat roofs, dark cladding, and large windows, with
Contemporary house with illuminated facade at dusk.

About Sparling Residence

Mid-Century Marvel: The Sparling Residence

Nestled in Oakville, Canada, stands the Sparling Residence, a testament to mid-century inspiration translated into modernity. Designed in 2017 by Carrothers + Assoc., this private house captivates with its clean lines and elegant blend of natural and engineered materials. By day, the residence presents a harmonious mix of wood, glass, and concrete, accentuating its geometric form. As the sun sets, the home transforms into a glowing beacon, where strategically placed lighting invites a second look at its architectural prowess.

Seamless Transition from Outdoors to In

Step inside from the tranquil outdoor pool area, where lush greenery provides both privacy and a soft contrast to the home’s structured exterior. The living room welcomes with expansive windows framing views of the serene outdoors. Inside, a palette of warm wood and understated hues speaks to those with a penchant for classic, uncluttered spaces. Furnishings exude mid-century charm without sacrificing comfort, vital for any dwelling’s heart.

Adjacent, the dining area continues the thematic blend of simplicity and sophistication. Tall green plants echo the outdoor connection, while a starburst chandelier floats above an inviting dining set—perfect for gatherings or a quiet dinner home alone.

Culinary Craftsmanship in the Kitchen

Progressing to the kitchen, functionality meets design in the form of a spacious central island, offering an inviting hub for both cooking and social interactions. High-end appliances are juxtaposed with minimalist cabinetry, creating a space where culinary creativity can bloom unfettered by clutter. The absence of heavy ornamentation keeps the focus on the tactile and visual textures of the materials themselves.

Retiring outdoors once more, the cohesive design extends to the al fresco lounge area. Protected by generous umbrellas, this spot is ideally situated for enjoying those long summer evenings, the perfect finale to a home where every design choice is intentional and every space invites you to linger a moment longer.

Photography courtesy of Carrothers + Assoc.
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- by Matt Watts