Casa Meztitla by Edaa

Discover the sublime allure of Casa Meztitla, an exquisite weekend retreat nestled in the lush, tropical landscapes of Tepoztlán, Mexico. Immaculately designed by Edaa, this luxury residence epitomizes the intimate communion of architecture and nature. Crafted with rough stone, the house exists as a distinct yet unobtrusive entity within its environment, intimately aligned with the verdant, terraced slopes that are a testament to over 500 years of landscaping history.

Notably, the house pays homage to the ever-looming presence of El Tepozteco, an ancient rock mountain famed within the locale. Casa Meztitla‘s existence is subtly hinted at, emerging through the dense foliage with the vibrancy of bougainvillea flowers and a distinctive, monolithic white box. Revel in the hushed ambiance of this private sanctuary, which remains perennially open to the whispers of the surrounding nature, bathing in the tropical weather and intense Mexican sunlight.

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About Casa Meztitla

Casa Meztitla: A Harmony of Nature and Architecture

A jewel in the heart of a verdant landscape, Casa Meztitla epitomizes the exquisite allure of leisure. Bathed in relentless tropical sunshine and enveloped in the intoxicating scents of the wilderness, this architectural marvel elegantly blends with the age-old terraces that have graced this land for over 500 years. This setting is further accentuated by the omnipresent majesty of El Tepozteco, a rock mountain rich in history and local lore. Casa Meztitla isn’t merely within this context—it is the context itself.

Elegant Simplicity: The Design and Structure of Casa Meztitla

The house, masterfully crafted from rough stone, nestles unobtrusively under the sheltering canopy of trees. It aligns seamlessly with the vegetation-laden stone slopes, a testament to the understated sophistication of organic architecture. Inspired by the renowned Mexican poet Octavio Paz’s concept of creating ‘pure space within the natural space’ (1987), Casa Meztitla exudes a serene ambience, effortlessly intertwining with its environment.

Living in Tranquility: The Experience of Casa Meztitla

Despite its quiet seclusion, Casa Meztitla perpetually invites the splendor of the outside world in. Its discreet presence is hinted at by just two striking features. The first is the vibrant splashes of bougainvillea flowers, peeking whimsically through the dense foliage and outlining the property’s boundaries. The second is a distinctive monolithic white structure that seemingly floats above the treetops, adding a modern touch to the rustic panorama. This careful balance between man-made and natural elements defines the enduring charm of Casa Meztitla—a peaceful retreat that resonates with the rhythm of the wilderness.

Photography courtesy of Edaa

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- by Matt Watts