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Cornwall Cabin: A Modern Prefab Oasis

Cornwall Cabin: A Modern Prefab Oasis

The Cornwall Cabin in Cornwall, Connecticut, stands as a modern retreat crafted by architect Robert Luntz of Resolution: 4 Architecture. Designed in 2017 for a Manhattan mother and daughter, this prefabricated cabin combines low-maintenance living with elegance. Its south-facing, expansive windows and cedar brise-soleil harmonize light and landscape. The interior, featuring rustic cedar, custom walnut millwork, and porcelain tiles, adds warmth and durability.

This sustainable home perfectly blends indoor and outdoor living, epitomizing contemporary country life.

Santa Cruz Overlook: A Coastal Retreat by Walker Warner

FeaturedSanta Cruz Overlook: A Coastal Retreat by Walker Warner

Explore the Santa Cruz Overlook, a Walker Warner-designed weekend retreat in California. Blending into the Pacific coastline with a muted palette and native plants, this beach-style home offers stunning ocean views. Inside, its nautical design features exposed rafters and a fresh white and sea blue palette, complete with whimsical touches and surfboard storage for beach adventures.

House for G: A Tranquil Weekend Home Overlooking Tokyo Bay

House for G: A Tranquil Weekend Home Overlooking Tokyo Bay

In Kisarazu, Japan, House for G by Kurosawa Kawara-Ten artfully merges contemporary design with a lush suburban setting. Designed for an elderly couple, this weekend house sits on a steep slope, blending seamlessly with nature. Additionally, the home boasts minimal environmental impact and stunning Tokyo Bay views.

Emphasizing sustainability, it utilizes locally sourced wood affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, ‘House for G’ provides a serene retreat near Tokyo, showcasing a harmonious balance between modern living and the natural world.

SW House: Porto Feliz’s Contemporary Oasis

FeaturedSW House: Porto Feliz’s Contemporary Oasis

Set against the serene backdrop of Porto Feliz, Brazil, the SW House offers a contemporary retreat for those escaping São Paulo’s pace. Designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura in 2013, this two-story house embraces the land’s natural contours, highlighted by a 9.8-foot stone wall.

With panoramic lake views, sleek design elements, and a blend of leisure and luxury, it’s a modern marvel in a historic setting.

Zarzales: Reimagining a Woodland Retreat in Mexico

FeaturedZarzales: Reimagining a Woodland Retreat in Mexico

Nestled in the tranquil woods of Valle de Bravo, Mexico, the Zarzales project is a striking testament to the seamless fusion of minimalist design with nature’s allure. Designed by the acclaimed PPAA in 2021, this weekend home elevates the concept of a woodland retreat, skillfully blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. Immerse yourself in this thoughtfully-crafted abode, where every room offers glimpses of lush vegetation, and the forest’s tranquility seeps in through a wood and glass roofed terrace.

Shelter Island House: A Tranquil Retreat in New York’s Island Oasis

FeaturedShelter Island House: A Tranquil Retreat in New York’s Island Oasis

Unveiling the hidden gem of Shelter Island, New York – the Shelter Island House. This exquisite single-story weekend retreat, meticulously redesigned by Koning Eizenberg Architecture in 2023, harmoniously blends with its verdant surroundings.

Catering to the owners’ needs for shade and comfort, the home exudes tranquillity, featuring an extended porch offering breathtaking views of the island’s natural beauty. An embodiment of thoughtful design and sustainable living, the house utilizes local materials like cedar and concrete, enriching the indoor-outdoor continuity, and relies on rooftop photovoltaic panels for energy efficiency.

Tres Arboles: A Stunning Weekend House in Valle de Bravo

FeaturedTres Arboles: A Stunning Weekend House in Valle de Bravo

Tucked away in the picturesque Valle de Bravo, Mexico, Casa Tres Árboles (Tres Arboles) is a weekend house that has been redesigned and remodeled in 2021 by the renowned design firm dıreccıon.

The client’s main directive was to give the 25 year old house a refreshed style and updated finishes, while still preserving its cozy weekend getaway feel. The transformation was no small feat – the unleveled terrain with pronounced slope presented a great challenge – but the end result is a beautiful sanctuary of repose, meditation and balance. The house features a double height foyer, open living and dining spaces, outdoor porch with a custom-made stone fire pit, and a serene kitchen and bathrooms. The materials used have a warm and natural feel, and the color palette creates a sense of refuge and retreat.