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Cruachan Beag: How Bard Blends History with Modern Living

Rustic stone structure with a wooden roof set against a tranquil landscape.

Cruachan Beag, designed by Bard in 2020, offers a breathtaking blend of contemporary architecture with historical nuances. Nestled in the United Kingdom, this house transforms a bothy ruin into a visually striking residence. Overlooking Prince’s Beach, the design ensures a seamless visual connection between the modern structure and its historical context, providing a unique living experience.

Casa A/E: How Erker Studio Merged Milan’s Past with Present

Elegant living room viewed through arched glass doors with patterned floor border.

Discover the elegance of Casa A/E, a 170sqm (1,830 sq ft) apartment in Milan, Italy, transformed by Erker Studio into a stunning space that marries vintage charm with contemporary living. This renovation showcases how classic Milanese elements, coupled with modern design, create a unique and welcoming home.

Explore the harmony between Old World beauty and modern functionality in this exquisite Italian residence.

APT. Avenida Liberdade: A Masterclass in Elegant Interior Design

Elegant living room with ornate ceiling, colorful artwork, and modern furniture.

Discover APT. Avenida Liberdade, a testament to modern living within Portugal’s historic walls. Designed in 2022 by Emanuel Valente de Sousa of Studio A+1, this apartment merges traditional charm with contemporary design, offering a unique residence that showcases plush interior design, innovative lighting, and luxurious marble touches in its bathrooms, creating an enviable space that prioritizes style, comfort, and timeless elegance.

Sherwood Terrace: A Modern Take on Heritage Design in Richmond

Sleek kitchen with black cabinetry and marble backsplash, flanked by

Discover Sherwood Terrace, a stunning house designed by Page Stewart in 2022, located in Richmond, Australia. This residence skillfully combines modern aesthetics with historical charm, featuring a sophisticated black kitchen, vibrant color pops, and beautifully restored architectural elements. The design encapsulates the art of space optimization in an urban setting, making Sherwood Terrace a masterpiece of contemporary and heritage fusion.

Sparling Residence: A Mid-Century Modern Gem in Oakville

FeaturedContemporary house with pool and wooden accents.

Discover the Sparling Residence in Oakville, Canada, a mid-century modern marvel designed by Carrothers + Assoc. in 2017. This private house perfectly melds wood, glass, and concrete, showcasing clean lines and elegant spaces that blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Experience the true essence of timeless design in this unique home, where every detail reflects sophisticated simplicity and modern comfort.